Summer is here, and we are here to enjoy! Tanning in the sun, going on adventures with friends, and travelling to distant worlds, via our books of course! The Between by David Hofmeyr is the Y/A book to read this summer. It includes mysterious boys, friendships, betrayal, adventure, and SEVEN WORLDS! I mean, what else could you want?

Ana Moon or better said, Anais Isabel Moon, is a normal girl living on Sol. She basically has one friend, Bea (Beatrice Gold). This is probably because of how awkward Ana actually is. Bea however, is exactly the opposite. She is outgoing and knows exactly how life is going to be for her.

Ana has been experiencing weird dreams lately. She keeps forgetting events that have happened and has the feeling that she is being followed. However, their suspension from school is where everything goes wrong. Ana and Bea are not allowed to see each other again but they secretly meet up in their favourite spot, the tube. A mysterious boy comes over to them, he introduces himself as Malik. Malik is talking to the girls as if he knows them. He keeps rambling on about some mission that didn’t go as planned, the Haven, and the other pathfinders. What does that even mean? Ana will find out soon.

But then the train that they are in crashes, it seems as if everything is frozen in time. Except for Ana and Bea. Ana tries to see what happened to make them crash but something goes incredibly wrong and Bea gets taken by a weird creature. Everything happens so fast. And then. She falls...

Now Ana needs Malik’s help. He tells her about the reapers, the Order, pathfinder powers, falling, and the seven worlds. She doesn’t believe him at first, but she needs his help to find Bea. This is where the journey starts. On Luna.

I loved this book and definitely would recommend it to anyone. I could not put it down. When I finished one chapter, I went right onto the next. David Hofmeyr’s writing pulls you into the story. You want to know what is happening at all times. The mystery, adventure, and events in the book make you feel involved in the story. There is a lot of character development which makes you root for the main character(s). In the book, references are also made to other great stories, for example, Divergent. If you are a fast reader you can finish this book in one or two days. You can enjoy it in your garden, or on a nice chair, and maybe even get a tan while you’re on “vacation”. Hitting two birds with one stone.

If you like fantasy/adventure books and you want to know more about reapers, the Order, pathfinders, falling, and the different worlds, this is the book to read! You can order it online or go to a bookstore nearby. I bought my beautiful copy at Latte’s and Literature. Below you can find the link to buy the book online: