Were you always dreaming of travelling? Wondering how can you afford it? Was it always a choice that you had to make – either work and save your money for future travels, or take a break in your career and enjoy visiting new places? Well, the good news is – you don’t have to choose anymore!

Digital nomads are people who can work remotely and who are location-independent, meaning that they can work from any place they wish.

Digital nomading used to be a niche concept, something that only few people were doing, and although growing in popularity amongst workers, the management was always very sceptical to this idea. Now, living through Covid19 pandemic, and having our worlds turned upside-down, the idea of remote working is not that foreign anymore. Both the workers and the companies forced to work online and faced with the benefits of it are beginning to think about this way of work in a much more favourable light.

Up until now you really had to be a freelancer to enjoy this lifestyle. As the remote work is becoming the new normal, there will be many more options available for you to try, once the pandemic is over, weather you are an entrepreneur, a photographer, writer, designer, developer, marketer or a yoga teacher or a full-time employee.

Many companies had a policy of recruiting only remote workers already pre-pandemic, so for them this is just a continuation of the trend they were already applying. Other, more conservative companies are now opening up to the idea. You do not have to be a freelancer now, you can be a fully employed worker that works remotely, if you prefer that security.

It all sounds good, but you also need to think about some limitations. For example, if you are employed by a company serving American market, you need to take time zones into consideration and go to the places, where it is feasible for you to work full time and do not risk your health doing so. Also, while choosing an employer to work for, you really need to take a closer look at the company that is hiring. Many forward-thinking companies that are recruiting remotely, are start-ups, so you really need to take that into account and allow for the possibility that they may not last.

There are many countries that encourage digital nomads to come - they offer special visas, high speed internet, remote worker community and facilities, including co-working spaces. Some countries offer more affordability, better climate, are easier to settle in. The 10 best countries to visit as a digital nomad, according to InterNations, a “community for expatriates and global minds” (March, 2019) are: Taiwan, Vietnam, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Singapore, Bahrain, Ecuador, Malaysia and Czechia.

The world is (or rather it will be, post-pandemic) at your doorstep, so if you are thinking of your future and are wild, adventurous, curious about new cultures, a global citizen – this lifestyle may be well suited for you. And although there are many things to think of while considering it, it is definitely something doable and achievable. So go off, live your best, location-independent life, if that is what you are after!