For many years beer has been served in Breda, even by kids. Beer was a lot healthier than drinking water at that time, however, it had a way lower alcohol percentage than nowadays. One of Breda’s oldest breweries was De Drie Hoefijzers, which was established in 1538. Currently, Breda has a selection of brewers, such as Big Belly Brewing Company, Brewery Witte Anker, brewery the Beyerd, etc.

As a new student in Breda getting to know the city is a must. Most of us will start walking around and exploring the town with a small group or by ourselves. Some may enter a few bars; however, usually we walk to spots we already know or have heard of from a peer, which is a shame if you ask me. There is no better way to enjoy a new place without drinking a few pints, exploring the city and their tasteful beer, there is no better combination. So, grab some friends and enjoy some pints. 

Down below you can download a beer map that includes several bars in the city center of Breda. It doesn’t matter at which bar you start because if you follow the map, you’ll walk in a circle anyways.

The beers you will enjoy are the following:

  • Café De Bruine Pij
    • Pij Blond

The Pij Blond is a local beer brewed in Breda and only sold at De Bruine Pij. It is a bittersweet beer that is perfect to combine with a nice sunny day.


  • Café De Vulling
    • Delerium Nocturnum

Aromas of chocolate and mocha, but also a hint of sour. You can feel the bitterness in the aftertaste. Delirium Nocturnum has the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and bitter. A world-class beer and perfect to drink at Cafe the Vulling.


  • O’Mearas Irish Pub
    • Guinness

A typical Irish beer for a typical Irish pub. O’Mearas has it all. From rugby nights to dart competitions a great place to have some fun with your mates and enjoy their Guinness.


  • Café De Suikerkist
    • Lowlander White Ale

Brewed with Curaçao orange, elderflower & chamomile, refreshing & crisp with a fruity, flowery finish a perfect sweet beer to drink at cafe De Suikerkist.


  • De Huiskamer
    • Big Belly Bobby Love NEIPA

Big belly Bobby Love NEIPA is a new beer served at De Huiskamer and other bars. It is fruity and has a nice bittersweet taste to it.


  • DOK 19
    • Witte Anker Blond

DOK 19 has a large variety of beers. According to them, this beer is their favorite. To add, a white anchor fits perfectly with their harbor-themed bar.


  • De Botanist
    • Espresso Martini Stout

The shaker series from De Botanist is a new concept with their latest Espresso Martini Stout.