Fashion is something that is constantly changing. A lot of trends come back when we take a look at fashion through the years. Let me take you on a fashion journey.

60s: The miniskirt

The women’s fashion during the 1960s was an extreme style, everyone wore what they wanted. Fashion changed from expensive tailored clothes to cheap and casual street wear. Bright colors, tie-dye shirts, long hair, turtlenecks and miniskirts were everyday fashion back then. You can tell that a lot of people wear the same items nowadays, people wear what they want and for example turtlenecks are trending right now as well.

70s: Flared trousers

This is one of the most stylish decades of all time, fashion was about individuality. The biggest trends were flared trousers, bell sleeves, shearling coats and miniskirts. The disco styles introduced the platform shoes, glitter and bright colors. Skirts got shorter and boots got taller. The title of the 70s already tells you that this is a big trend right now as well, flared trousers are currently seen everywhere with different fabric and color.

80s: Leggings

Most current trends in fashion today are from the 80s. Leggings were one of the biggest trends back then. They were worn with leg warmers, off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and scrunchies. Other things that were trending during the 80s were: big shoulders, fanny packs, washed jean jackets, ripped jeans, animal print underwear as outerwear and oversized jewelry. By reading only this list of trending fashion, you can clearly tell a lot of trends today are from the 80s.

90s: Denim

This was the time of Denim and blue jeans for young people, from trousers to skirts they were all made and worn in denim. This style was a bit baggier and looser in comparison with previous trends. The overall fashion on the runways was more minimalistic: slip dresses, sheer fabrics and black, grey and white colors were ruling the fashion world. Denim is something that will never disappear and is right now something everybody has in their wardrobe as well.

00s: Mash up

The fashion during the 00s is often described as a global mash-up, because of the influence of globalization on fashion. The trendiest fashion items were the teeny-tiny handbags and the even tinier strappy sandals. Other trends during the 00s were: low-rise jeans, cargo pants, leopard print and the tracksuit.

10s: skinny jeans

Common fashion trends during this decade are the skinny jeans, sneakers, tees and hoodies. It looks stylish but is also very comfortable. Different fashion styles during the 10s were defined by hipster and alternative fashions.

So, after seeing all the trends during the decades, which one do you like the most? Or do you even have some items from for example the 80s in your wardrobe?