Would you rather catch up on your favorite Netflix show? Or finish your research paper for school? The answer here is obvious. I bet most people would rather do anything over their schoolwork, and I can relate too.  
Procrastination is quite common among students. Which can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress, especially if you have a lot of deadlines. Do you find yourself struggling with focusing on tasks? Do you wait until the last moment to work on an assignment? If you find yourself saying yes to these questions and wish to stop procrastinating, then I might be able to help you out with a few tips! 🙂   

  1. Make a list or schedule

First and most importantly, set your priorities straight before you do anything else. Make a list, start with what is most important, and note down the deadlines. It will help you keep a good overview and force you to prioritize. If you find yourself postponing your activities, set up a schedule. Pick out specific times throughout the week when you work on your assignments and try to stick to your schedule! 

  1. Break tasks into smaller steps    

Let’s be real. Doing everything all at once will drain both your energy and will to finish your assignment. It is much more effective to do everything step by step! Split your work into smaller parts and work on it periodically. If you do this, then you won’t get overwhelmed by your workload. Plus, you might be able to squeeze in an episode or two of that one show you have been watching ;).    

  1. Get rid of distractions    

Don’t lie. You are on your phone more often than not, and it’s slowing you down a lot. What starts as a “quick” scroll through TikTok or Instagram, will end up with you being mindlessly on your phone for hours. I get it, I really do. But if you want to get work done it is best to get rid of any distractions. Try putting your phone away when studying, and if you’re working on a laptop, try to close any unnecessary tabs. We both know that you don’t need that YouTube tab opened. Just remind yourself that the moment you are finished with your assignments, you are free to do what you want.     

  1. Find the right workspace 

If you want to focus on your work, you will need to find the right workspace. Try to find a quiet place to sit down. Maybe a nice café? The library? Or even better, on campus! There are plenty of empty classrooms where you can sit by yourself. The campus stays open until 22.00, so you won’t have to be worried about getting kicked out early. If you prefer to work from home, just make sure that you will not get distracted by any roommates or family members. Just remember, the right environment will motivate you to finish your work. 

With the right spirit, you can overcome your procrastination! I hope that these tips can help you out. Just don’t forget to take breaks in between your study sessions :). If you have any handy tips yourself, leave them in the comment section below!