Get Lost with Travel Blogs

If you have a big passion for traveling, travel blogs are the perfect way to get inspiration for your next trip. They give an insight in the most beautiful and adventures destinations, tips, and tricks and some of them even provide you with a full travel itinerary. There are thousands of travel blogs and each one of them has different stories. However, to give you a small selection, I made a list of my three favourite travel blogs.

Along Dusty Roads
On this blog you can read all about the travels of Andrew and Emily, a couple from the United Kingdom. One night in 2014 they decided that they wanted to follow their dreams and travel around the world with an important accessory, their camera. They saved all the money they could for one full year and then headed to Mexico.

Ever since that year, they have been traveling around the world, and while sharing all of their stories on their blog. The website looks so pretty and is filled with the most beautiful photos, so you should definitely take a look at

The Blonde Abroad
On the blog of The Blonde Abroad, you follow Kiki, who is a solo female traveller from California. She quit her job about six years ago and decided to go on an adventure. She has travelled to over 70 countries and experienced so many different things. She shares all of her stories on her beautiful blog. If you want to get inspired, you can take a look at

Vip en Voyage
On this blog you will read all about Vipsania’s adventures around the globe. She grew up in The United States, and boarded her first plane when she was only two years old. Ever since then she has been passionate about travelling and wants to share her love for travelling with the world.

Besides living in the US, she lived a year in Florence, Italy for her studies and in London, United Kingdom for a master program. After her two years in Europe, she went back to the US, to pursue her career in New York City. However, after two years she started missing Europe and decided to go back, this time to teach English in Madrid, Spain. To this day she lives in Madrid and tries to travel as often as she can. If you love traveling and seeing new places you should definitely take a look at her beautiful blog

Hopefully, these blogs will give you some inspiration for your next trip or holiday. Happy travels!