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5 months ago

Summer Au-Pair: Travelling on a student budget

Do you wish to travel for cheap and do you likespending time with kids? Then being a (summer)au-pair might be the job for you!I spend my last summer […]
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6 months ago

A Guide To a Stress-free Airport Travel

Ditch the travel worries and let the adventure begin! Here's your passport to a stress-free airport travel. If you’ve ever travelled somewhere by a plane, you know, that […]
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7 months ago

'Tis the Season to Save Money: Holiday Destinations for Those on a Budget

It’s my favourite time of year! And no, I’m not talking about Christmas approaching. November is the perfect month for booking trips and vacations for the summer. Flights […]
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10 months ago

Study a semester in Hollywood as Free Mover! – Eline Peeters

You have probably heard about the exchange programs BUas offers to the students! As only a selected number of schools and spots are available each year, students like […]
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12 months ago

Settling in as an exchange student 

Whether you are planning to go abroad or have already moved to a foreign country to study, the process of settling in as a foreigner can be challenging. […]
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June 13, 2023


The end of the semester is nearing and it’s time to go on a holiday! Do you want to discover a new destination? Have you saved up money, […]
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May 11, 2023

HUB Magazine - Summer Guide 2023

HUB Magazine Summer Guide 2023 is now live! With the summer break around the corner its time to start planning your next adventure. Let the HUB Magazine Summer […]
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April 12, 2023

Discovering Rotterdam's Charm on Foot

“Truly a stunning city!” Rotterdam is a beautiful city only on one train stop away from Breda. Many consider Rotterdam to be the architectural capital of Europe! There are many architectural offices here and something amazing is being built every year. The city was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, so the city designers had room to run wild.
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April 4, 2023

We need your help! 

Crowdfunding Bocaina Project  As of this year, BUas has launched a new project; The Bocaina Project. We are delighted to introduce you to this project. This project consists […]
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February 22, 2023

Hidden gems in Eindhoven 

Eindhoven is the largest city in the southern province North Brabant, around 40 minutes from Breda. It is a city with history, art, and a lot of hidden […]
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January 26, 2023

Galway: A Medieval Feel and Beautiful Nature

Have you ever thought about studying abroad? In which country? Maybe somewhere warm, somewhere far away or somewhere with the best school? Choosing is not always easy. Ultimately, how […]
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January 17, 2023

How Flying Changes our Perception of Taste

Two of my favourite things are travelling (by plane) and eating. I’ve been doing both since I was a baby, and I couldn’t imagine my life without either. […]
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