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1 week ago

Your not so average bucket list  

55 items you should have experienced in life  We all know the bucket lists where you can find bungee-jumping or backpacking guaranteed. Dare to be different and embrace […]
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4 weeks ago

The Magic of an African Safari

Everyone must go to Africa, as it will only take your breath away and fulfill you with its unexpected magic.
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4 months ago

My city walk through Copenhagen!

Copenhagen; the city best known for its colorful harbor houses, static palaces, green parks, and interesting museums. History and modernity go hand in hand. You can easily walk […]
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6 months ago

Post corona bucket list

Although there are still some COVID-19 restrictions left, we are finally able to (mostly) live our normal lives again. We can go to campus, go to bars, travel, […]
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6 months ago

Travelling on a Budget: How to Make it Cost-Efficient?

Travelling is an amazing opportunity to explore new cultures and places. However, we are often stopped by expensive plane tickets, high prices of hotel rooms, and other costs. […]
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7 months ago

Why You Should Have Morocco on Your Bucket List

Morocco, a country I visit nearly every summer. The nostalgia that hits as soon as I step foot on Moroccan soil, instantly makes me feel at home. The sizzling Moroccan mint tea in tiny […]
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7 months ago

The gift (not a curse) of being bilingual

Walking on our international campus, you can hear many beautiful languages from all around the world, mixed with the familiar sound of Dutch. Being in a multilingual environment has taught me […]
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10 months ago

A day in the life of a model at Jersey Island

I have lived and worked for the past four years in different cities. Cities like London, Milan, Paris, Istanbul, Switzerland, and New York. I talked a little bit […]
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11 months ago

New BLEND Magazine Edition

We understand that, just like us, you have also missed exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and creating unforgettable stories. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate this semester’s […]
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April 22, 2021

Quiz: What kind of holidaymaker are you?

Do you enjoy lounging on your sun bed, or do you dance at the bar every night? Find out what kind of holiday type you are by filling […]
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April 21, 2021

Lisbon: Hotspots that are totally worth visiting!

Currently, it is not recommended to travel to Portugal. However, once the borders open again Lisbon is a beautiful destination that you absolutely want to visit. Lisbon is […]
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