Do you have a closet full of clothes which you haven't worn in years, and you want to freshen your wardrobe?  Well, instead of running to your favourite big clothing chain store straight away, think about thrifting! Check out Lilly's article, that will be posted on 17th of November, to learn more about why fast fashion is terrible for the environment. However, if you value clothes more than whether they’re brand new or not, there are a few places in Breda where you can buy second-hand clothing or donate/ sell your own. 

ReShare Store 

The ReShare store offers a large selection of modern, high-quality apparel, for an affordable price. Donated clothes could end up in a variety of places. They could end up being given away to those in need, being sold in ReShare stores, or to sorting companies. The Salvation Army, which supports roughly 60,000 individuals in need, each year, collaborates closely with the ReShare store. You can donate your old clothes to your nearest ReShare Store, or if it is more convenient, you can drop them off at one of their textile containers. You can find these containers beside the store, as well as at Thomas Vincidorstraat in Breda. 

Address: Markendaalseweg 50 

Appel & Ei 

Appel & Ei is a great place to go if you want to buy clothing that is in good condition and appropriate for the season. You can even sell your own clothes there which you no longer wear! Make sure each item is clean, ironed, and stored in a secure bag before dropping them off. If your clothing passes the quality check, they will be on offer for six weeks in the store. What is the added bonus to this? Well, you will receive 40% of the money earned from the sale of your clothes as a refund! You then have the possibility to pick up all the garments that have not yet been sold, or give them to charities once the sale time has ended. 

Address: Tolbrugstraat 13 

Ins and Outs 

Ins and Outs works similarly to Appel & Ei. However, it specializes on designer and brand apparel. Therefore, if you want to buy branded clothes and shoes at a reasonable price, Ins and Outs is the place to go! They sell clothing from Ralph Lauren and Sissy Boy, to Timberland, and other well-known brands. To sell your own branded clothing, simply bring them to the Ins and Outs store! In order to be able to donate your clothes to this store, make sure your items are still usable and appropriate for the upcoming season, before dropping them off. Your clothes will be at the store for eight weeks, and after that you may either pick up your unsold items or choose to give them to charity. You can either get back half of the amount made from selling your clothes, or use it on your next purchase at the store. 

Address: Ginnekenweg 41 

Vindingrijk Kringloopwarenhuis 

If you are looking for some good quality second-hand furniture, you can go to Vindingrijk Kringloopwarenhuis! This store is a part of the Breda Municipality, which permits them to employ people who are having difficulty obtaining work. In addition to furniture and clothing, Vindingrijk has a wide choice of other things, such as, music records, toys, dishes, and bicycles. You may easily drop off your good condition items and garments at the store, or schedule a pickup appointment to give them another life! 

Address: Riethil 6