Linda van den Berg studied Hotel Management at BUas and now teaches you the tricks of the trade in an inspiring BEST sales training!

BESTtraining offers an extracurricular training course which helps you developing your sales skills.

The training course is delivered by Linda van den Berg, a young professional who studied at BUas herself. So, she knows the context of our learning environment and has a lot of experience in the hospitality industry.

Together with Linda, you will discover whether you are a sales talent and how you can further develop yourself in this field of expertise.

Linda about her own journey:

‘When I graduated, I started working for a sales department. I discovered that I did not yet have much practical knowledge of sales. Even though I did not know where to start, I challenged myself to be open and learn everything from scratch on the job. As a result, I developed myself as Director of Sales of two of the largest hotels in Rotterdam. After ten years of working in sales within the hospitality industry, I took some time to reflect and discovered I wanted to create more value. Actually, I wanted to dedicate my time to inspire and motivate other people by sharing my sales knowledge and experience. That’s why I started my own company, Sales Vision by Linda.’

Just a small sneak peek into the training course:

’PODSPEF’ sales strategy (how to set up a sales call?)

Preparation – Opening – Determine needs - Summarize – Presentation – Ending – Follow up

Practical information

When: Tuesday 16, 23, 30 November & 7 December 2021

Location: Room F1.019

Time slot: 3.00-5.00 pm