We are nearing the festive season - Sinterklaas, Christmas, and New Year’s are all right around the corner. December is undeniably the most party-packed month of the year. The celebrations range from elaborate dinners to potlucks to boozy-filled nights, of which you only remember half of the events. Even though all these forms are guaranteed to make for an already great evening, there are ways to elevate them to the amazing or even the legendary level. By incorporating a theme into your party, you heighten the night’s memorability (and perfect the picture potential). This theme can be something simple like black tie or back to the seventies, but why not go for something a bit more out-of-the-box? Read on and find inspiration for your next amazing party, complete with costume, decorations, food, drinks, and music ideas!

1. Dress like someone else from the group

The title of this theme is quite self-explanatory: you dress like someone else from the party-goers. You could divide roles beforehand, or don’t, and see whose image inspires all the others (maybe that one friend who is obsessed with anime, or the appointed stoner of the group). Going over the top with this  theme will definitely make for a good amount of jokes and banter, make sure that you can handle being poked fun at though!

As far as decorations go, this theme is a bit more difficult, but not impossible. Think of your friend group and really tailor the atmosphere to them – are they a fruity bunch? Maybe play with colours. Are they the biggest goofballs in the universe? Make garlands with their ugliest and wackiest faces. To really add a personal touch and collect some tangible memories, you could create a picture corner; set up a screen and a polaroid camera, then stick those on the wall next to it.

In terms of food and drinks, a BYOB and potluck style is perfect! Ask every attendee to bring something that represents either their own tastes, or that of their costume counterpart.

Finally, when you create the playlist for the evening, ask everyone to send in their favourite songs or make a collaborative Spotify playlist where everyone can add songs to their heart’s content. With the last option, however, be aware that it is inevitable to get rick-rolled at some point in the evening.

2. Met Gala Extravaganza

Yes, yes, I know, the Met Gala itself always has a certain theme already, but just hear me out. Leaving the yearly concept aside, the thing that the Met is famous for its high-fashion pieces. Come to the party wearing your most extravagant outfit; combine a piece of clothing (that one for which you never can find the right occasion) with statement shoes or accessories, and don’t forget the right hair and makeup! Or, if you want, you can pick a past gala theme and get everyone to come in that theme.

As for decorations and food: get your fancy on! Decorate using white and an accent colour like silver, gold, or pink and cater with small bites and flutes of champagne, wine, or pretty cocktails. The most important thing is grandeur, just like with the costumes: Think big. It is the Met Gala, anything goes!

Lastly, the music. Every year at the Met, there are performances by current top stars, and there are specific headline performers. Make a list with the biggest artists of the present day, take inspiration from previous Met Gala headliners, and create a Spotify playlist with your favourite songs!

3. Bald caps

Being bald doesn’t sound like the most tempting idea for people in their 20’s, but just imagine the laughter after seeing your whole friend group wearing bald caps. If you want to make your party memorable and have a fun time, you can all consider dressIng up as bald celebrities. Luckily for you, there is a great variety to choose from; think of actors like Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and many more. However, if you feel creative and want to stand out from the bald crowd, you can also try something bolder and dress up as Lord Voldemort, Megamind, or Gru from Despicable Me. I can promise that these will be costumes everybody will remember long after the party.

When choosing the snacks, try to think of any round food that will represent your shiny bald heads. You cannot go wrong with cake pops, falafels, or glazed donuts. In general, everything that is round-shaped is perfect for this theme party.

Let’s also show appreciation for all the bald musicians and talk a little bit about your party playlist. Make sure to include all the greatest hits of Pitbull and other shiny-scalped singers and make a night to remember. 

4. Britney Spears through the ages

Can you think of a more iconic celebrity than Britney Spears? That’s a hard one. She has shaped the 00’s decade not only with her music but also with her iconic looks. Getting inspiration from different stages of Britney’s life should be easy, as you will have countless options for outfits, make-up, and hair. I am sure that by only thinking of a song, you can already imagine her look in the music video. It would be super easy and fun to recreate her legendary red latex suit from Oops I Did It Again, her schoolgirl outfit from Baby One More Time, or her retro stewardess costume from Toxic. She is also the queen of red carpets, so why not put on a vintage denim dress with big silver jewelleries and rock her memorable outfit from the 2001 MTV Music Awards.

As decoration for your Britney theme party - try to play around with her favourite colours, which are pink and pale blue, as well as with some neon light stickers. Britney’s favourite food might surprise you, but it’s actually chili hot dogs, pizza, and M&M, so you can prepare those for snacks. She also loves sweet iced tea and strawberry frappuccinos, which can inspire you to mix some Long Island iced teas and Strawberry Daiquiris for cocktails.

Needless to say but put your top Britney Speers songs in a playlist and dance to the biggest hits of the ‘00s. To include some variety in your music you can also enjoy songs of the people Britney has more than once pointed out to be her idols and inspirations - Michael Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas, and Madonna.

Theme parties are a great way to do something different and enjoy a great evening with friends. If you still haven’t been to one, we advise you to choose one of the themes in this article and get creative with your costumes and the organization. And most importantly, don’t forget to take a lot of pictures, so you can make those memories last and smile anytime you think of your theme party!

Written by Sanne Koelman and Greta Stoyanova