Spoiler alert!

Have you ever heard of Easter Eggs? Not the tasty chocolate ones but the hidden gems you can find in movies, series, games and even in computer software. They can be seen in the form of a message, item, or visual. Easter eggs got their name inspired by the concept of the Easter egg hunt which they mimic. You can consider them as the little secret of the directors or the scriptwriters. Pay attention because they are not always easy to find.

Fight Club’s caffein addiction

As we all know the first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club. Therefore, the second rule of Fight Club is that you DO NOT talk about Fight Club. However, what might come as a surprise is one secret rule – always bring your Starbucks coffee. Fight Club has an Easter egg so major that you can see it every time you look at the screen but somehow it still stays hidden for the majority of the audience. Fans and critics interpret the movie as a criticism targeting consumer culture and rejecting corporate branding. Turns out that they are more than right. David Fincher, the movie director, proved their point by managing to slip a Starbucks cup in every scene in the movie. During an interview by Empire in 1999 Fincher explained that he included the cups to make fun of the fact that everywhere you looked there was a Starbucks coffee shop. Some cups are obvious, and others are well hidden but do not be surprised if you found yourself craving a vanilla latte after watching the movie.

Pulp Fiction in Captain America

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a treasure trove of references to Stan Lee’s comics and characters. However, the Easter egg we are going to talk about correlates to no other than one of the most popular and well-loved Tarantino movies – Pulp Fiction. At the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, following the not so real death of Nick Fury, as he looks over his own grave, you can see the headstone has the quote “The Path of the righteous man” inscribed. This is a part of the same bible verse that Jules, Samuel L. Jackson’s character, recites in the famous shooting scene in Pulp Fiction.

Catch Me If You Can

Real-life figures often show up in their biographic movies – a great example is Frank Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can. This famous crime movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio is based on the true-life story of Abagnale – one of the most famous fraudsters of all time. He managed to figure out how to defraud the government out of tens of millions of dollars. What many people do not know is that during the scene of him finally getting caught, Abagnale plays one of the police officers who arrest Leonardo DiCaprio, which technically means he arrested himself.

Oranges in The Godfather

Oranges are one of the oldest and indeed the most well-known Easter eggs. In The Godfather Trilogy, they have been recognized as a foreshadower of bad luck and death. When you know this information and start looking for oranges everywhere in the movies, you will be amazed by your ability to precisely predict which character is about to die. Although some examples are seen in the earlier development of the trilogy, the hidden meaning of the oranges is much more obvious and up-front in the third movie. If you pay attention you would notice that just a few moments before Vito Corleone had his fatal heart attack, he is slicing a nice juicy orange. Whether they are making fresh orange juice or arranging a fruit basket, the characters holding an orange are doomed to face their end very soon.

Written by Sofi Dobreva