Disclaimer: Due to the current circumstances regarding Covid-19, I want you to take the measures in consideration before leaving your home and take fun photos. So, keep 1,5 meters distance between you and others, and don't go anywhere in groups bigger than 3 people! Enjoy this article, stay healthy and stay safe!

As spring is in full bloom and the summer on its way, it’s time to get outside and make your Instagram POP! Honestly, who wouldn’t want to show their “fabulous” life in Breda? I mean, Breda has its characteristics with her old buildings, the Church of Our Lady, Castle of Breda, and the Begijnhof. However, would that be something Instagram worthy? In my opinion, not so much. That’s why I did a little bit of research and a stroll through Breda to find the best spots that are Instagram worthy!

1. Het Vlonderpad
The “only” reason you should visit Het Vlonderpad is for the purple heather, as seen in the picture below. This purple heather is only seen in Spring/Summer because, of course, then the flowers are blooming. However, if you enjoy nature aside from having a beautiful aesthetic, you can also walk through the Mastbos where Het Vlonderpad is located. In order to get there, you follow the boswachterspad, which is coloured yellow on the map. You can get there by car and park them at Oude Postbaan (20 min) or Stouwdreef (12-13 min). You can also get there by public transport (1 hour) and get off at De Blauwe Kamer. In case you have a friend who is fluent in Dutch, here is the link for further information. Isn’t this lovely? This could be part of your Instagram feed as well!

2. Het Nonnenveld
Het Nonnenveld is located in the neighbourhood of Chassé and is very modern and urban. Due to the very spacious landscape, you can take very beautiful pictures. Next to that, the buildings also look very new, hip, and youthful.

3. Graffiti near Markkade
Markkade is alongside the shores of Breda. The scenery is quite industrial since it is also near the harbour. If your Instagram aesthetic is very grey- and urban-ish, this is a perfect location for that. However, if you want some pop of colour in your feed, you can take pictures with the graffiti.

4. Blind Walls Gallery
The Blind Walls Gallery is actually a museum, but throughout Breda with no roof! – Unless, you consider the sky your roof. The gallery has a lot of wall paintings and since it is throughout Breda, it is quite hard to know where to look for what. Therefore, the Blind Walls Gallery has a few guides which you can choose from:

- Walking route: €15,- per person. Starts at 11:00 from Potkanstraat (harbour) and will take 1,5 hours.

- Cycling route: from €20,- per person and an addition of €10,- euros if you don’t have a bicycle. Starts from Veilingkade (Pier 15) and will take 2 – 2,5 hours.

- Customized tour: considers more option, I suggest visiting their website to find out more.

You can also download an app for your mobile phone that explains the history of Breda, which adds some interesting facts to your brain while enjoying art. The app is called Blind Walls Gallery Breda.

5. 3sec Gallery
The 3sec Gallery is located in the parking garage of Chassé. I know, it’s weird to suddenly walk in a parking garage and start having a photoshoot, but it’s not impossible – where there is a will, there is a way. The reason why it’s called 3sec is because of the location. Your supposed to drive by it and it will take like 3 seconds to absorb and admire the paintings before arriving inside that boring garage – unless you’re more interested in cars than paintings.

I hope these locations are worth your visit! If you have been to one of them, or all of them, share your Instagram with our socials. For Instagram and Facebook, you can find us @buashub. Would love to see your creative spin on the locations’ “photoshoot”!