In a few days it is Kingsday! sadly, all events have been cancelled for the coming time. This means you have to celebrate Kingsday at home. That is why I decided to share some really nice, typically Dutch recipes to try at home. every day untill Kingsday, I will share one recipe with you. Feel free to check out my page for more recipes!

Patatje oorlog (War fries):

Something most Dutch people eat almost everyday, is potatoes. Of course, on holidays you eat unhealthy snacks. That is why we wanted to include potato fries. Not those thin French fries, but thick Belgian and Dutch fries. One thing specifically to the Dutch however, is “Patatje oorlog”. This includes freshly baked fries, with small sliced onion, mayonnaise, curry and peanut sauce (Saté saus). The different flavours make for a war in your mouth.

This recipe is for two plates. You need to deep fry for this recipe, so make sure you have a special frying pan or a very deep pan.

Ingredients you need:

1kg potatoes


Cooking oil / cooking fat

Kitchen paper

Satay sauce (premade, for the microwave)

Curry sauce


1 sliced onion in small pieces

The steps:

1. Optional: Peel the potatoes, using a peeler or another sharp knife. You can also leave the peel on, this is something a lot of Dutch people prefer.

2. Preheat the frying pan to 140 degrees Celsius.

3. Clean the peeled potatoes with water and cut them in strokes of 1 cm thick.

4. Divide the strokes in half so you have 2 portions. Put one portion in the frying pan for about 6 to 8 minutes and then do the same with the second portion. Leave the portions in a bowl with kitchen paper to dry.

5. Heat the frying pan up to 180 degrees celcius.

6. Put the fries back in the frying pan per portion for around 2 to 3 minutes until they are golden brown.

7. Put the fries in a bowl with some kitchen paper to dry and add salt. Shake the bowl a little, so the salt gets everywhere.

8. Make the satay sauce hot, like explained on the package you bought.

9. Put your fries on a plate and add mayonnaise on top of it. Then add the sliced onions on top of it, add the curry sauce. Lastly, add the satay sauce on top of it. If you really don’t like sticky fingers, you can add the sauces next to the fries instead of on top of it. Originally however, the sauces should be put on top of the fries.

Tune in tomorrow for delicious "frikandelbroodjes"