Today is Kingsday! sadly, all events have been cancelled for the coming time. This means you have to celebrate Kingsday at home. That is why I decided to share some really nice, typically Dutch recipes to try at home. Every day untill Kingsday, I will share one recipe with you. Feel free to check out my page for more recipes!


Now that we have come to the last recipe, it is time for the most important one. For those who are new: We have had a countdown to Kingsday with typically Dutch recipes. If you have not seen the other recipes, please check them on my page and try them out!

The “tompouce” is a sweet treat that Dutch people eat on birthdays, but more importantly, on Kingsday! The pastry consists of one layer of puff pastry, one layer of cream, another layer of puff pastry and one layer of glaze. Because of these many layers, there is no proper way how to eat it. Some eat it layer by layer, others just take a bite and let the cream slip out.

Specially for Kingsday, stores sell the “tompouce” with an orange coloured glaze. This has to do with the official colours of the Netherlands. The royal family’s surname is “van Oranje”, this translates to “of Orange”. So for the day we celebrate the royal family, the entire country is coloured in orange to honour them, our signature pastry included.

This recipe is for 4 “Tompoucen”. (normally people eat 1 “tompouce” per person)

Ingredients you need:

4 slices of puff pastry

50 gr custard

1 egg

50 gr sugar

500 ml milk

Powdered sugar

Edible dye if you like the glaze to have a special colour

The steps:

1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

2. Slice the puff pastries into half.

3. Put a baking paper on the oven tray and put the puff pasties on top of the baking paper.

4. Make small holes in the pastries by pinching a fork in the pasties multiple times.

5. Bake the puff pasties for around 15 to 20 minutes.

6. Crack the egg in a bowl and add the custard and half of the sugar.

7. Mingle the ingredients together into a thick mixture.

8. Put a cooking pan on the stove and add the milk in the pan.

9. Put the remaining sugar to the milk and wait until it boils while making sure the sugar and milk are well mixed together.

10. Put half of the milk mixture into the bowl with the custard mixture. You put the pan with the milk back on the stove.

11. Keep mixing everything together while adding the milk mixture and mix it more after you put the pan back on the stove.

12. When everything is mixed well, you put the custard mixture in the pan with the remaining milk on the stove. While putting it together, you need to mix it at the same time. Keep mixing the mixture, until it becomes a creamy texture.

13. After that, you can take it off the stove.

14. Put the cream on a large plate and divide it equally over the plate. Cover the plate with some plastic foil. Then put it in the fridge so it can cool down.

15. When the puff pastries are out of the oven, they may be a little too puffy. What you can do about this is gently press a cutting board on top of them. It is okay if the upper layer breaks a little bit.

16. To make the glaze, you simply put a little bit of water (with an edible dye if you like) and add powdered sugar to it. You keep mixing this together, until it is a nice thick mixture.

17. Lay down the puff pastries and add your cream to half of the pastries, so it covers the pastry.

18. Add a puff pastry on each pastry with the cream on it.

19. Spread the glaze over the “tompoucen”.

This was our last recipe before Kingsday. We hope you are enjoying the recipes and are able to celebrate Kingsday in some way or another.