Christine McPherson, who likes to be called “Lady Bird”, is a strong willed and deeply opinionated high school senior, dealing with her overbearing mother. Lady Bird hates everything: her hometown, her family’s financial struggles, her life. She wants to move out of Sacramento and go to New York for college. However, her mother says she doesn’t want her to, because it’s way too hard and they don’t have enough money. Lady Bird will take you through the unresolved life of a teenager struggling to find herself. The movie was well praised, but what makes this movie so good?


Lady Bird is beautifully portrayed by the Irish actress Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf gives an astounding performance as the mother: Marion. This 2017 comedic drama got 99% from the critics on the Tomatometer and broke the record for most positive reviews. The movie won a Golden Globe for best film and Saoirse won best actress. One thing that makes this film so special is that it shows the point of view from both Lady Bird and her mother. Instead of just having one protagonist, it shows both sides of the story. From a teenager rebelling to a mother learning to let go. They only see their own perspective of their opinions, that’s why Lady Bird and her mother argue a lot. It's only later in the film when they start to understand one another more.

Love is attention

The movie gives a beautiful message that love is attention. Lady Bird claims that she hates Sacramento. However, her teacher says that Lady Bird describes Sacramento with such care in her college essay, that it comes across as love. “I guess I pay attention,” Lady Bird says. Her teacher then asks if they aren’t the same thing, love and attention. Lady Bird’s mother can be critical, but also gives Lady Bird a lot of attention, so love. When she ignores Lady Bird, she takes her attention away from Lady Bird and this hurts even more than the fighting. When you take your attention away from someone, it feels like you take your love away from them.

Love letter to Sacramento

Greta Gerwig is the writer and director of the film. Lady Bird is very related to her own life as she also grew up in Sacramento and moved to New York. Greta portrays nostalgia from the year 2002 in a very beautiful way. The movie is like a collection of memories, almost like a yearbook. The clothes, colours and music are all very early 2000's. Since Lady Bird was shot in Sacramento, Greta could really show the essence of the city. It feels like you lived there yourself, like you have your own memories there. Lady Bird only realises how much she loves Sacramento after she leaves. You have to appreciate what you have, because you'll miss it when it's gone.

Cliché free

This coming-of-age film is different from the typical cheesy high school movies with the perfect happy ending. It’s not romanticized, but gives a realistic representation of the life of a young adult. Like arguing with parents and figuring out who you are. The way the characters talk is how people talk in real life. Lady Bird has a lot of funny and awkward moments that everybody can relate to. This is a part of life, it's not always pretty and perfect.

Lady Bird shows you to be yourself, to not care what others think of you and to surround yourself with people you like. It's okay to not have it all together, even when you become an adult. You can watch Lady Bird on: Amazon Prime Video and I hope you will.