Let’s get down to Business with Roos Bikker

At Breda University of Applied Sciences, there are several students who already started their own business. I had the privilege to interview Roos Bikker about her business.

Roos is a nineteen-year-old, third-year International Media and Entertainment Management student that runs her own business as a freelancer under the name ROOS BIKKER.

What is your business about?
“With my business I work as a freelancer for companies that can hire me as a graphic designer, videographer, photographer, and stylist, but also as an assistant of all of these functions. You can describe me as an all-round creative. Additionally, I also did a lot of marketing related jobs, but that is not what I want to specialize in”.

How did you come up with the idea to start your own business?
“During my internship last year, I did this kind of work and it went so well and I enjoyed it very much. Therefore, I thought, why not start a small business for my own where people can hire me? So, in February I officially registered my own company. The accomplishment I am most proud of after I started my business was the first time I got paid for my work, this really gave me a great feeling!”.

How do you combine school with your own business?
“Well, I have to admit that I have only had four jobs yet since I just started. Besides that, due to the Corona Virus, things are a bit slowed down. In the beginning, I put a lot of work into my Instagram business page and I made a whole new website. As of right now, when I get hired it is most times for a shooting day where I am the assistant. The shoots that I have worked on usually take about a day”.

What are your future plans with your business?

“While I am still at school, I first want to assist as many productions as possible to gather enough practice, knowledge, and experience. When I finish studying, I would like to get projects for my own, so that I am the videographer or that I am the graphic designer. After my bachelor at Breda University of Applied Sciences, I want to follow a minor in graphic design to get my design skills more on point”.

What are assumptions that people have about your business that are not true?
“I think that many people think that I am just an assistant of production work, which I do understand because I have not had an official project for myself yet. However, during my internship I also had many projects which I did all myself, so I know that I can do it. I only need to prove it in the future”.

Do you have advice you would like to give students? “
Just do it. I waited way too long before I finally started making my website for example. Do not wait too long and if you really want something, you can always make it work. It is very important to believe in yourself and everything will be okay, and if not, it will still be okay”.

If you like to see the projects that Roos already worked on and created, take a look at her website roosbikker.nl and also do not forget to follow her business page on Instagram to stay updated on her work.