Sometimes you can feel so overwhelmed by all the things you feel you must do in your life; waking up early to start your day at school, trying to obtain good grades, working a side job to pay off your monthly fees, preparing your own meals, and doing your laundry, et cetera… I know first-hand how all these must-do’s can get you lost in your daily routine and forget about your ambitions. So, what if I told you there was a way to create opportunities for the things you’d truly wish for? It is all about your own thoughts and looking at your life from a different perspective. What you’d need to do to live your best life? Just manifest your hopes and dreams!

What is manifesting?

Manifesting literally means ‘the art to realize your dreams’ and ‘being aware of the life you create’. It is similar to the Law of Attraction; however, manifesting is accepting the things you want can sometimes appear in a different way than you’d initially thought. Personally, this mindset has helped me realize there are many things to be grateful for and that I can work hard enough to make my dreams come true. For example, every night I write down in a notebook the things I was grateful for and what I enjoyed that day (these examples of ‘positive affirmations’), and to end I write down a manifestation. Writing down my thoughts and goals makes it easier to get a clear picture of what I can do to achieve my goals. To give you a more practical example of manifesting; some time ago I quit taking singing lessons and gave up on performing after obtaining a certificate from a singing course. Even though I obtained my certificate, I still let insecurities overrule me by thinking I wasn’t ambitious enough to perform again. I gave up on the thing I loved most. However, as time went by, I realized how badly I wanted to start singing again, and thus I wrote down the manifestation: “I will let go of my insecurities and start performing again.” For that reason, I decided to book a singing lesson and I was very happy with just taking lessons! But guess what? A few lessons later I was invited to perform again! 

How to learn?

So how can you start manifesting? Well, it is simpler than you’d might think. It all starts with believing in the power of your own thoughts. If you find yourself often thinking you cannot do something, or you are not good enough, or you will never be capable of achieving this or that, well trust me, then you will also not get there. These thoughts are what we call: obstructive thoughts. That is not what you want, you should want to think with helping thoughts. Meaning if you ever find yourself in a position where you think you are not capable of something, you should start by thinking that you are capable of doing it. By doing this you will see that you can take baby steps toward reaching your goal. Currently, I’m reading an interesting book about manifesting called ‘Manifesteren kun je leren’ (= Manifesting can be learned). It’s written by a Dutch author and manifestation expert Willemijn Welten, she explains how you can grow to learn and understand manifesting. In her book she also explains a simple step-by-step guide: 

  1. What you believe in, will create your thoughts. 
  2. These thoughts will give you certain feelings. 
  3. These feelings make you behave a certain way. 
  4. And your behaviour leads to a consequence (which is your manifestation!).

In addition, to help you gain positive thoughts, you can start by writing down positive affirmations. I have made a positive affirmation sheet that you can download or print out and fill in!


Believe in yourself!

The most important thing is you are capable of so many more things than you might think, even if it seems unrealistic. It all starts with believing in yourself and then you’ll see the universe will help you find your way toward the life you wish for. If you manifest out of love instead of fear, you can never dream too big!