Have you ever experienced;

A moment where you said “no”,

But the person ignored your response;

And you had nowhere to go?

It doesn't feel right,

It happens to more than just a few,

And that is why us women;

Invented, MeToo.

There is a certain cruelty;

To ignoring what is our right.

Some men expect to take whatever they want,

And we live with that fright.

We are all aware,

we have been pressured for way too long.

It's not hard to say,

how we are treated is simply wrong.

The worst part of all;

Is that we carry the shame.

We've been hurt and then kept quiet,

Where it is those men to blame.

When we stand up, they tell us to sit down.

Because some men are afraid.

Afraid that their actions might come out,

Or might be wrongly displayed.

I say we let them.

Be scared like we often are.

Actions lead to consequences.

I hope this one leaves a scar.