I wasn’t planning on making a part two to my previous list of websites, but since this pandemic does not seem to end, I think we can all use some more digital entertainment. To dive right into it, here is a list of some amusing, useful and pointless websites for you to visit when you don’t have anything better to do. Or even during that online class you are supposed to follow, because let’s face it who still pays attention after the first ten minutes.

1. The Wiki Game
Starting with the first one: The Wiki Game. I have seen this on TikTok recently and thought it was time to hop onto the trend. You start on a random Wikipedia page and the goal is to get from that page to another page using only the blue links. You have to do this as fast as possible. One example I saw on TikTok was a guy trying to get from UFC to KFC. For better explanation just watch his video here. Of course, you could also use Wikipedia itself to play this. However, the nice thing about The Wiki Game website is that it gives you topics, and you can play against other players.

2. A Good Movie to Watch
Second website is actually a useful one. We have all had those days where we spend more time on Netflix deciding what to watch than actually watching something. Well, this website is the perfect solution. A Good Movie to Watch has a lot of movie suggestions, the nicest thing about it is that you can filter on a lot of different things. Not only different genres but also on what kind of mood you’re in. The movies they suggest often aren’t well known which lets you discover a lot of movies you would have never watched. Once you find something interesting on there, it also tells you on which streaming platform you can find the movie. It gives you everything you need to pick a movie in five minutes instead of an hour.

3. Drinking Game Zone
We all know that students cannot be alcoholics no matter how much alcohol they drink, it is just an unspoken rule. Drinking games are fun but aren’t we all tired of playing beer pong for the hundredth time? This website is the next best thing, it just lists a bunch of drinking games. You can filter on types of games, for instance card games or dice games. My friend group from high school is doing a lot of online events lately to stay in touch with each other. I had to organise an evening a few weeks ago and let me tell you how much I struggled. Every drinking game I knew we had already played. So, if you want to show up with some new cool drinking games definitely check out this website.

4. Window Swap
I thought this website was very relaxing. It is called Window Swap and it shows you the view from someone's window. There are views from over twenty countries on there. You can even turn the sound on which I think is very calming, sometimes you hear birds or rain. Very nice website to click through or have on in the background.

5. The Auction Game
Anyone that loves guessing prices is going to love this website. I always like to say I am pretty good at guessing what something costs. However, this game made me question my abilities. The website will show you a random artwork and you have to guess how much it is worth. Spoilers, it’s always worth more than you think it is.

6. Listen to Wikipedia
Here is a website teachers might find useful. The amount of times I have heard a teacher say: “Wikipedia is not a reliable source.” Yet students are still tempted to use it. If you are tired of telling your students to not use it, maybe you can show them. This website makes a sound every time someone is editing a page on Wikipedia. It is making noise constantly, proving how anyone can put anything on the website. Listen to Wikipedia might not be very entertaining but might help you convince others to not use Wikipedia. Unless you’re playing the Wiki Game of course.

7. Life Stats
Website seven is called Life Stats. You start by filling in your birthday and it gives you your life statistics. For instance, how many days old you are, how many years of your life you have spent sleeping, how many more people there are on the planet since you were born and a lot more. If someone ever asks my age again, I am going to tell them in days instead of years, just to annoy people.

8. What is the title of this WikiHow article?
I am ending this list with my absolute favourite website out of all of them. What is the title of this WikiHow article. We’ve all laughed at the ridiculous ‘how to’ articles on WikiHow before. If you want to keep on doing this go visit this website. It shows you a picture that was used in a WikiHow article and gives you four titles to choose from. All you have to do is guess to which article the picture belongs. I still can’t stop thinking about ‘How to Eat Worms’ being a real article that someone took the time to write.

This concludes my second list of eight mildly entertaining websites to get you through this pandemic. I hope this is the last time I have to write an article like this, because I’d like to go to festivals instead of guessing random art prices on my laptop all day.