Spotify provides access to over 30 million songs, with more music being added every day. So, finding the best songs or playlist can be very hard and you don’t want to spend hours to find the perfect playlist for that day. When you are chilling with your friends you want to listen to something else than when you are studying for example. Which is why I made a special list with the best 5 Spotify playlists for every moment.

To start your day with a happy vibe

With this playlist you will start your day fresh and with a good and happy vibe, it contains evergreen songs.

Playlist – Have a Great Day!

No stress

If you are stressing for your project that needs to be done soon or for something else that causes you stress, then this is the perfect playlist for you. It contains easy, upbeat songs to stay relaxed. So, no need to stress out!

Playlist – Totally Stress Free


Chilling with your friends before going to a party? This playlist will help you to get the party already started.

Playlist – Pre-Party Mood

Car Karaoke

Having a road trip with your friends, or just going somewhere far? This playlist let’s you sing along and enjoy the drive. It contains the best songs from the last few years, that everybody knows.

Playlist – Songs to Sing in the Car

Time to Focus

Need to study for an upcoming exam or having a deadline? This playlist will help you get through it and to stay focused. It has relaxing beats with almost no lyrics to easily stay concentrated.

Playlist – Lo-Fi Beats

All these playlists are completely different, but all have their own vibe and good songs to listen to for that one specific moment. Take your time and enjoy the music!