As we all know, many of us are stuck at home. The thing to keep in mind right now, is that staying home is fundamental to contain the spread of the virus, even though that can be really frustrating and boring. Not for me though, I managed to come up with an amazing daily routine to keep my brain functioning and not lose all my sanity, maybe… Haha JK I’m fine! (Trust me, I’m doing great, I promise). 8:30 AM: my day starts, the beautiful mix of crippling anxiety and hunger wake me up. 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM: I contemplate the ceiling and all the life decision I have ever made, alternated to watching TikToks. After that, I manage to find the strength to leave the bed, only to prepare a beautiful breakfast (soy yogurt and sadness) and I go lay down again on the couch. 10:30 AM: I am of course exhausted by all these movements and exercising, so I decide to watch ASMR on YouTube and take a small nap. Yes, I totally deserve it. 11 AM: I get up and paranoia about school assignments kicks in, and that is when I manage to drag myself to my desk and do some work, while getting constantly distracted by social media (I don’t want to say I have a problem with TikTok, but maybe I do). 12 PM: I get hungry. Again. So, I start thinking hard about what tasteless and cheap meal I can cook for myself that day. So, then I cook, like the chef that I am, and watch some more TikToks while waiting for my food (Am I okay?). 12:30 PM: my sad veggies and rice are done, so I go back to my desk, put on some series I don’t want to watch, but still do since everyone does and I feel socially obliged, and eat my meal. After that is done I contemplate my existence a bit more and regret eating all the food so fast because now my stomach hurts. 2:00 PM: I start to lose it. My grip on reality, I mean. I must admit, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM I have no clue what I have been doing these days, it’s like those hours go super slow and then at one point they’re… gone? That’s when dinner hunger brings me back to real life. After some accurate research on what I could make for dinner that’s creative and tasty, I decide to give up and just cook the same thing I had for lunch because it’s just too much thinking. 7:00 PM to 2 AM: nothing really happens. Maybe I videocall with some friends to complain about life all together, maybe I draw some ugly stuff because I suck at drawing, maybe I lay on the floor to talk with the microbes. ... Who knows? 2 AM: boredom and some more ASMR videos finally put me to bed, when my favourite part of the day finally begins: its ending.