The coronavirus outbreak means that life is currently changing for all of us. It may cause us to feel anxious, stressed, worried, sad, bored, lonely, or frustrated. In our normal lives before the outbreak, most people went to therapy for these problems, which is the treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder. In a normal therapy you will work with a trained mental health professional. What you’ll do in each appointment depends on the preferred method of your therapist and the issues you’re trying to address. But we cannot easily go to the therapist at this moment. Besides that, for me therapy does not only mean visiting a therapist. If something helps me deal with my issues, I call it therapy.

Working on school assignments works as therapy for me.
It is almost a new kind of high. “How do I do it?”, a friend asked.
Well this is my tip for you! Here you go my friend, read my instructions!

Find a spot in your house or room and make sure it is a comfortable spot to get productive. In addition to that, I also clean the place up. Weird right? It’s just a personal preference. Do not forget to make your favorite (hot) drink first and of course play your best chill-out jams! Those tracks that give you the most relaxed vibes. I normally go for LOFI beats, but everyone is different. Try to make your space look mellow and comfortable, a small open spot between your curtains works perfectly for that dimmed sunshine.

It is not all about the setting and mood. But I promise, if you have the right setup and mood, the concentration and willingness will appear. Try to make your school assignment as interesting as possible. At the end of the day, this assignment will be beneficial for you, personally. Not only grade-wise, but you will gain more knowledge on the subject. I myself, usually do more reading on the subject rather than just the assignment brief or course lectures. We all know that lecture slides are boring. So, I always look up additional articles and perspectives on the subject. Not only does it help, but it makes the work more interesting and understandable.

There is a great chance that the feelings like being anxious, stressed, worried, sad, bored, lonely, or frustrated will disappear when you are fully focused on your assignment. When the setting, mood, and concentration are at the perfect state, is where therapy begins. This is when you are fully intertwined with your brain. You stop “working” on the assignment and begin “experiencing” it. Call me crazy. But it’s when you dive into the research part, and you feel like a discoverer. It almost feels like you are forgetting the bad thoughts by replacing them with knowledge.

Since your short-term memory was challenged by my poetic and eye-opening article, I will repeat the instructions.
1. Make sure your working space is comfortable and clean.
2. Listen to relaxing tunes.
 3. Have your favorite hot drink.
4. Make your space look mellow and comfortable.
5. Do more reading on the subject instead of only school material.
6. Think about the personal benefits of working on the assignment.