Five shows you need to binge during isolation.

“A best friend is someone who is there for you through thick and thin. It’s someone who understands you, someone you can call anytime and someone that will never leave your side.” – Urban Dictionary

We all have that one best friend. I think, we even have the same best friend: Our beloved Netflix. Especially during these crazy times due to the Coronavirus, Netflix is all we need. Netflix is there to enrich your life with outstanding entertainment. Netflix knows what you want and need during the bitter times of school. Most importantly, Netflix is always there for you.

After binge watching almost every series on Netflix, I will give you some recommendations of series, so you won’t have to be bored during quarantine. No worries, I won’t spoil.

I’m not okay with this

This show follows a socially awkward girl who discovers that she is developing super powers. The process of this obviously involves loads of drama including the ordinary teenage drama. With an unexpected and spectacular ending, I would definitely say that this show is binge-worthy.


Atypical is about an autistic boy and how his family lives with this. This show is a mix of comedy, drama and a little bit of romance. It warms your heart and even educates you about autism and how to adapt to this. With already airing the third seasons, it is time for you to hurry up and watch it now.

Sex Education

The sex education we all wish we had in high school. This show is a straight up comedy; however, it also covers important and big topics in our society. Love, sex and laughter: you would be crazy not to watch this show.

Locke & Key

This show reminded me a lot of Narnia, amazing right? Locke & key involves many mysteries, betrayals and mostly keys, which open doors to magical places. If you love some fantasy and mystery, this is the show for you.

The Haunting of Hill House

This show fascinated me the most. It is horrifying, but I just kept watching because of its many mysteries and plot twists. If you are a horror fan, it is must to watch to show. Plus, season two is just around the corner…

Stay at home, be safe & spend some time with your best friend Netflix.