It seems that quarantine has split people into two categories: the productive ones and the not-so-much productive ones. I belong to the second category. I can’t lie, I have tried to wake up early, keep a routine, workout, learn some new skills… for two weeks, maybe? Then I gave up to my laziness and decided to waste most of my time watching useless stuff online. After feeling so miserable about myself, I have decided “hey, it’s okay.” I don’t need to be productive to feel good. I don’t have to feel pressured by what the others are doing.

So, here I am, telling everyone (and repeating it to myself) that it’s okay sometimes not to do anything. There are so many things going on in the world right now. I mean, there is literally a pandemic out there. It’s okay if you decide to take things slow and at your own pace. So, to help you be lazy just like me, here’s a list of the things I like to do when I don’t feel like doing anything:

- Watch dumb YouTube compilations (some of my favourites are tik tok, asmr and mukbang compilations);

- Listen to old 2013 emo music and cry yourself to sleep (I would recommend Kissing in cars by Pierce the veil);

- Just stare into the void and overthink every life decision you’ve ever taken (10/10 activity, one of my favourites);

- Videocall with a friend and keep on finding something new to talk about so that they can never hang up on you;

- Stalk your old classmates on Instagram and check what they’re up to now (I wonder how many of them already have a child);

- Think about ways to rearrange stuff in your room (but never actually do it because you’re too lazy for that);

- Pick a TV series that many people have watched but you haven’t, finally give it a chance (you never know, maybe there’s a reason why so many people liked it).

Let me know what you would add to the list! Because, you know, I am always looking for new ways not to do anything. Stay safe and remember, it’s okay not to be productive sometimes. Embrace the laziness.