Where to find the best inspiration and recipes for students cooking for 1.

Living on your own has many benefits; such as staying out late and inviting people over without asking permission. Unfortunately, there are also some things which make living on your own a bit more challenging, like cooking for yourself, having to choose what to make and then actually making it! But don't worry I'm here to help you tackle dinner without ordering in every night. Read on to discover a list of the best websites or pages to find your new favorite recipes. 


Good Food

First on the list is Good Food by BBC. They have multiple lists with recipes, but my personal favorite is: one pot recipes. This list offers over 60 different recipes made using only one pan! Next to this being incredibly convenient, it also saves energy and reduces food waste. Apart from this list Good Food also has a summer and a vegan one-pot recipes collection list. 

Student Hut

Ten cheap and easy recipes for students

Student Hut is a website with different articles for and about students. One of these articles includes a list of easy recipes. The recipes are fairly easy, and they state the costs of every recipe as well, with the cheapest meal starting at only 1.04 euros for two servings! 


Playlist; Uni Meals on TikTok

Nishat is a Tiktokker with over 190 K followers who all follow her for her recipes. Nishat herself is a university student, so she personally understands the struggle of cooking for yourself. This is why my favorite playlist on TikTok is Uni Meals. In this playlist you can find the various meals she cooks. The instructions are clear and some of her recipes only cost around two euros per person! For the students among us with a religious background or who like to experiment in baking, she also has a Ramadan playlist with a lot of tasty pastries and meals. 


One pot on TikTok, or website 

@simple.home.edit is an extension of a blog. On this TikTok page Nicole posts a lot of different meals and recipes divided into various playlists. The paylist; ‘one pot’ shows multiple recipes made with one pot just like BBC Good Food. Next to stating the recipe on her blog, Nicole shows how everything is cooked in her TikTok’s, which is a really nice addition to her recipes. She shows and explains everything very clearly, so it is almost impossible to make a mistake! 

Hopefully these websites and recipes make it a bit easier to tackle dinner and impress all your housemates with your new-found cooking skills. Enjoy your meal and good luck!