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3 months ago

Exploring International Cuisines: What is the Story Behind Your Favourite Dish

In this week’s ‘Exploring International Cuisines’ article, discover the Brazilian kitchen with us! In a country that big, each region favours a specific type of food and spices. […]
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5 months ago

Exploring International Cuisines: What is the Story Behind Your Favourite Dish?

In this week's ‘Exploring International Cuisines’ article, get ready to discover a country known for its vegetable dishes, barbecues, soups and pastries.Exactly! Today we are going to dive […]
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5 months ago

Girls Night In: Movie Edition

When the weather gets colder and the days become shorter, you know it's the middle of the fall semester, and university is kicking your ass. The mood is […]
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5 months ago

Exploring international cuisines: What is the story behind your favourite dish?

When you think of your favourite dish from home, what comes to your mind? What memory do you connect with it, and why does it remind you of […]
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12 months ago

Food spots in Breda you should try out 

Breda is a beautiful city to explore, whether you’re a local or an international visitor. There are plenty of things to do around here, but one of the […]
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April 18, 2023


Have you ever walked around the grocery store without inspiration? Are you in need of new dinner ideas? Hold on tight because we will take you on a […]
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April 7, 2023

Eating in Sync with Nature 

Many young people are interested in different diets for one reason or another. Some are trying to improve their physical health, others their mental health.  Maja, a second-year student at BUas agreed to share her experience with seasonal eating and Chinese medicine - focusing on in-season fruits and vegetables, and how this way of eating has helped her to become more healthy.  
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April 5, 2023

Cheap and Healthy Banana Recipes 

Student life can be expensive, with school costs, maybe the rent of your student room, and buying food for yourself. If you want some great recipes, I know […]
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December 1, 2022

How to Host a Christmas Dinner Party with Friends

*** HOLD ON! How have you gotten this far into a Christmas article and not have any Christmas music playing? Take a quick second to play a Christmas […]
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November 2, 2022

One pot wonders

Where to find the best inspiration and recipes for students cooking for 1. Living on your own has many benefits; such as staying out late and inviting people […]
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May 13, 2022

Your not so average bucket list  

55 items you should have experienced in life  We all know the bucket lists where you can find bungee-jumping or backpacking guaranteed. Dare to be different and embrace […]
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