Dry Instagram profile feed a.k.a the struggle of the 21st century. All jokes aside, I know not a lot of people care that much about their photo content, which is good. However, I do think it is fun and artistic to experiment and come up with cool concepts for a solo photo shoot. Since the whole quarantine thing started, I have noticed people’s creativity go off the charts when it comes to doing things on your own. That is why I wanted to share with you some of those ideas for a fun “me” time that might produce great content.

The Colorful Photoshoot

I love how portraits with neon lights look. The only problem is I don’t have neon lights or any other fun colored lights for that matter. So, what do you do if the only thing you own is a yellow lamp light? Glad you asked. First, take out your laptop or computer (laptops work best because they are easy to move around). You will need two of those if you are looking for that dual-colored face look. Then, you just google a picture of your preferred color (works better if it is very bright or neon), zoom in the picture so it takes up the whole screen and turn off or dim the lights in the room. Now, you are left with cool lighting and a camera so do your thing.

The Mirror Photoshoot

This has become a little bit mainstream but for a good reason. The pictures that come out of this type of photo shoot can be really cool, honestly. The whole recipe is fairly easy, as well. You need a mirror that is easy to carry around and some nice scenery, which can be your own backyard if you are lucky enough to have one. Just go lay on a field or a forest, connect with nature, breathe a little and when you are done, place the mirror somewhere. The whole idea is to take selfies in the mirror but if you want to spice it up a little, you can have someone with a camera take the photos while you are looking in the mirror. In that way, no phone or camera will be visible in the shots, making them more interesting. If you have pets, include them in the photos because everyone likes animals.

The Toilet Paper Roll

photoshoot I might have saved the best for last. For this photoshoot idea, you are going to need a toilet paper roll. You want to tape that on your phone so that your camera and flashlight are in the hole of the roll. It can end here, or you can take it a step further. If you want, you can cut out a shape of your choice out of some paper and then tape it on the other end of the toilet paper roll. The idea is to turn on your flashlight and point the phone towards a wall so that the paper roll acts as a projector. If you add another shape like a heart or a playboy bunny head, it will project that shape onto the wall. If you leave it just with the paper roll, it will be a circle that is onto the wall. Now, dim the lights or make the room completely dark and step into the shape projected on the wall. You can play with different color lighting, you can take selfies or even better- have someone take pictures of you with a camera.

I might have or have not seen those ideas on TikTok. The only reason I am telling you this is so you can give it a chance and find even more cool concepts for a photoshoot there, nothing more. I hope I did not make it too hard for you to understand the process. Try out these ideas and most importantly have fun.