If you are a fan of dark, slow burn type of crime dramas, and you like to venture out to foreign speaking shows for a bit of extra flavour, then I have a selection of Polish shows for you to enjoy.

The Woods

It is based on the book of the same name by Harlan Coben – a renowned mystery/thriller writer. The show is set in present-day Warsaw, but flashes back to 1993. In the flashbacks, at a summer camp, two teens are murdered and two are gone missing. Pawel, who is a public prosecutor now, was a young mentor at that camp, when his sister went missing and was presumed dead. After all the years a murder victim appears that seems to be connected to the events back then at the woods, and new details of the old case emerge.


The Mire

The show revolves around a murder of a prostitute and her boyfriend, with another plot of unexplained teenage suicides on the increase in the town. It is set in the Communist era of Poland and it is as bleak looking as the times it was set in. In this grim, moody show, a veteran journalist with his newbie colleague became suspicious of the police’s handling of the case and set off on investigating the events on their own. The production of this crime thriller is of top quality.



The show is set in a small town in Owl Mountains and revolves around a murder of a young woman and a similar unresolved case 10 years earlier. A new Commissioner is on a mission to solve the crimes, but to do so he needs to break through a wall of silence.