The sudden comeback of digital cameras has provoked the question of why this particular item of old-school technology is all the rage nowadays. To delve into the digital camera’s sudden resurgence, we gave an old digital Sony camera to Slaveya, a second-year student from The Hague, keen to explore the trend of rediscovering digital cameras. As she looked through the lens, she experienced a more thoughtful and intentional approach to photography, and the results were unique and full of character. This article aims to dig deeper into people's minds, find out what's behind the sudden growth in the popularity of digital cameras, and show the perspective of a person’s passion about this trend.  

Going Retro

While the rise of smartphones led to the decline of digital cameras, there is now a spreading trend of Millennials and Gen Zs returning to these long since-forgotten accessories. One distinctive aspect of digital cameras is their vintage charm. There is something special about the grainy, slightly blurred images that are produced by old digital lenses. It's a look that cannot be duplicated by modern smartphone cameras. This unique style is one reason why people are rediscovering those devices.  

The Satisfying Process

There is more to it than just aesthetics. Some people prefer the process of using a digital camera over a smartphone camera, since many old-school devices have more physical controls than smartphones, allowing for more manual adjustments and greater control over the final image. Also, the thrill of catching the perfect moment with your digital camera is real, you need to be thoughtful about each shot. Although some digital cameras have small screens, there's still no instant and clear vision - you have to wait until you've downloaded the photos onto your computer or printed them out to see how they turned out. This can make the process of taking photos more rewarding and meaningful. 

Nostalgia for Simpler Times

But what about the psychological meaning behind the rebirth of digital cameras? Using a digital camera instead of relying on the rapidly developing world of technology and social media could help people escape their busy lifestyle and practice mindfulness. Taking photos at a slower pace can enable users to be more present in the moment and less distracted by the constant stream of information. Of course, they can always upload the cool shots to their social media accounts later. 

The comeback of digital cameras is more than just a passing trend. It offers an original aesthetic, an experience of curiosity, and a chance to dissociate from the constant burst of information. So why not give it a try? Who knows - you might rediscover the joy of using an old digital camera and capture some truly memorable moments along the way, as our protagonist did. Scroll down to see their little digital photo journal.

“That's the view from my apartment. The thing that provoked me to take that particular shot was that it may be grey and not that aesthetically pleasing most of the times, but when it comes the time to move from one place to another a certain something in that greyness becomes nostalgic and beautiful.” 

“I just loved the color scheme, I am all about color schemes. Plus, it was a nice day, deserved a shot.” 

“I was too bored that evening, I got to thank Rihanna and my Playstation for saving it. Xoxo” 

“It was too cold and there weren't any living creatures out there besides me that day, I remember that. Very peaceful moment, plus I love the naked trees in winter.” 

“Thats on the same day, I'm very keen on my boots too.” 

“That's me and my best friend, I love her the most. This shot is blurry by mistake, but I think it turned out great, taking in mind that we both have the tendency to not like any of the photos we take.” 

”We are celebratin' my recent birthday. I am now 22, hurray. We both love pink things and hearts.” 

"We both love pink things and hearts..."

“At the Grotemarkt station in the Hague. I live there over a year now and I've never seen these animal bones. I have to add that this is a very, very busy and known tram stop. Enough said.” 

“My best friend standing, found it cool, I don't know.” 

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