Mastbosch, the haunted hotel in Breda

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that someone, or rather, something is watching you? Have you ever been certain that you are alone, but still felt a presence around you? If so, chances are that you were at a haunted place.

Haunted locations are famous all over the world for their paranormal activities and unexplainable happenings. The Netherlands has a long history of wars, sickness and other horrible situations were many people sadly passed away. Therefore, there are enough stories of certain ‘ghostly figueres ’ in the Netherlands, who were haunting their last place before deceasing. One of the most famous haunted places in the Netherlands is called Hotel Mastbosch. It is right here in Breda!

Story goes that there are multiple deceased people who are haunting the hotel. One of them was an eighteen-year-old girl named Desiree Verstraelen. She presumably was murdered by Nazi-German soldiers in the Second World War, in one of the rooms in the hotel where she was hidden. Now she is a lost soul and people believe that she still walks around the hotel, looking for peace. One of the older owners of the hotel, named Peter Werther, once said that he cannot give away where the poor girl was murdered otherwise people will be too afraid to stay a night in that room.

On the first floor of the hotel, there is a story about a ghostly figure of a man. Story goes that the man used to be very wealthy, but not loved at all. According to some, the wealthy man builds the Mastbosch hotel years ago. Back then, he owned much land and a farm, which was the reason for his wealth. One day two people knocked on his door and asked if they could stay the night, since they were poor, sick and lost the way. The wealthy man answered with a harsh ‘NO’ and slammed the door. After a few days, the whole farm of the wealthy man burned down. The man was scared and believed that it was because he did not let the two people in to stay the night. Because of this, the man decided to use his land to build a hotel, now known as Mastbosch hotel.

Also, on the first floor, there are feelings and powers of certain energy fields. These are the strongest felt on the fourth door on the right side of the floor. Some hotel workers feel a pain in their chest when they are near this room for cleaning or service. The scariest thing about the floor is the empty chair at the end of the hallway, where sometimes the wealthy man is seen, sitting in the chair.

On the second floor, there were findings of ghostly figures of a deceased married couple. They do no harm to anyone and do not even bother people who stumble across them. They are only seen walking through the hallway at night, holding hands forever.

Most ghosts and paranormal activities happen around one room, the so called ‘ghost room’ of the hotel, which is the extra door at the very end of the hallway on the second floor. The strongest and most powerful energy field is felt in this room. According to past visitors, the energy field is manifested near the shower.

Although this event is very well known in the Netherlands among the paranormal enthusiasts, the hotel is not all too happy with these stories. The new owners have dismissed the accusations of ghostly findings, calling them fake. Past visitors still stick to their stories and believe what they have seen or felt when they were there.

If you want to find out what the case really is in this perhaps haunted hotel, then I would suggest you to stay a night there, if you dare…