Currently, members of the Community Project committee at Buas are working on creating a community around the topic of sustainability or also known as the Green Office. This community will be organising different activities and projects which will improve sustainability at the Campus. One project which is already in progress is the community garden which can be found at the campus in the future. In order to gather ideas and thoughts from students and staff members that are interested in this topic or participating in the community, the CPC is hosting two creative sessions.

Creative Session – Green Office

During this creative session the organisation of the Green Office will be discussed. The Green Office will be a community formed by students and staff members at Buas that have a common interest in organizing activities, projects or anything that will improve the sustainability at Buas. We would like to know what this community will need in order to function, how the Green Office can be organized and who would like to be a member of it.

Date: 25.01.2020 Place: Online

Creative Session – Community Garden

This creative session is focussed on the Community Garden at BUas. The Community Garden is a garden which will be created on the BUas campus. Currently, the plan is to start creating the garden in March, but before that happens, we would like to hear your thoughts, opinions and refreshing ideas when it comes to having a Community Garden at BUas.

Date: 28.01.2020 Place: Online

Does this sound like something that interests you? If yes, please follow this link to sign up for one or both of the creative sessions. Hope to see you there!

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