This article is part of our special, Stay@Home series, which will motivate you to, you hear it right, stay inside! While we have to make the best out of these weird times, we have to help each other out, this is why we set up this series, to invite you to enjoy your time at home!

Have you already gone crazy, while staying in the same house with the same people all the time? Do you have the feeling like you have basically tried out everything you could possibly do from home? So, now you are bored of laying on the couch? And feeling alone while watching Netflix on your own? I can totally identify with you, that’s why I found the perfect solution!

How would you feel about watching Netflix together, alone? I would like to introduce to you: Netflix Party. Watch your movie exactly synchronized to the screen of your friend, even if they are at the other side of the world. You not only will be able to watch the movie together, while the most exciting part of the application is; the chat function! While watching your movie you can comment on the events that happen during the film. It feels just like you are sitting next to your friend and you can voice your opinion, instead of being silent while watching all by yourself.

So first up; argue about a movie with your friends. Secondly; Get yourself some nice drinks and food from the kitchen. And last but not least; enjoy your time watching Netflix together, while not even be in the same room!