If there is anything, we can all agree on, it’s that pets bring a certain kind of happiness into your life. During these hard and confusing times, while sitting at home all day, you may start feeling lonely. So, why don’t you bring a little fluffy (or not so fluffy) friend home to keep you company?

Before you buy/adopt

There are some things you should keep in mind before getting yourself into something you may not be able to handle. Pets are living things and should be treated with the same care and respect you would give any human. As Christmas is just around the corner and you may feel tempted to get either yourself, your kids, or your loved ones a small companion. So, here are some questions you need to ask yourself before taking such a step: 

1. Are you/they financially stable enough to take care of another living thing? (Taking care of a pet comes with different costs depending on the animal)

2. Do you/they have enough time to give it extra attention if it requires it? (Some pets require more attention than others)

3. Is your/their living space appropriate for a pet? (Different kinds of animals need different kinds of spaces)

4. Are you/they a neat freak? (Most pets make messes)

After answering all those questions and coming to the conclusion that you fit the criteria, you can start to think about what pet is right for you! It’s important to find a pet that fits your personality, so here are some suggestions based on different personality types:

Active extroverts

If you love spending time doing a lot of activities such as playing, hiking, walking, camping, and so on, you should consider getting a puppy. Most breeds of dogs have tons of energy and need a person who is willing to spend at least an hour a day playing with them or taking them out. According to the vet specialist, Dr. Alex Hynes dogs are great for outgoing people who love a physical connection with their pets such as hugs and kisses, and would love spending time doing activities together. “Dogs need exercise, they love the company and, benefit from training to keep their mind busy. Extroverts make excellent dog owners.”


Would you say exercising and running around doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Well, then cats are the perfect pet for you! Cats don’t really ask for much except a good routine. This means getting their daily dose of meals at the same time, a nice sunny spot to sleep in, a scratching post, and sometimes affection. Cats are considered to be independent pets and don’t have a problem staying alone at home if you have a long workday. Depending on their personality some cats may crave affection more than others.


You don’t need a high maintenance pet. You don’t want a very affectionate pet either. Then a fish is the one for you. According to Dr. Hynes fish need emotionally stable owners who prefer to watch and admire them from afar rather than seek a physical connection with their pet. These pets also do not need that much work except for a daily feeding and the occasional cleaning of the tank.


You don’t want a big pet but still, want one you can give just as much attention to? Birds! They are small and cute. However, they are not as low maintenance as you may think. Birds are very smart and can do a bunch of fun tricks if you have enough time to teach them. They also hide illness very well, that is why they need a caring owner who has strong attention to detail that can notice even if the smallest thing is off with them.


One word. Reptiles. These little creatures are definitely not for the squeamish. They are not regular pets and require a special environment to flourish. Owners need to take into account the temperature, moisture, and size of the enclosure. That is why these pets need an unconventional owner who is ready to understand their needs and give them what they want.

Those were just some examples of pets you can get. Of course, each breed and type have a different personality and potential health problems, so it is good to read up on that before making a final decision. And remember pets deserve the same respect as humans do! So, make sure to love and care for your pets! Also, if you can, try to adopt instead of shop, as animal shelters are always full, and all animals deserve love. Breda even has it’s very own – Dierenopvangcentrum Breda. Feel free to check them out and find yourself your very own friend. I personally have one cute golden retriever, two turtles, and two chunky cats, we took in from the streets and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. 🙂

P.S. That's my cute dog - Goldy in the picture!