Tiktok’s Famous Cheese Platter and How to make it!

Spring is around the corner, which means we finally get to go outside again! Hiking, biking and getting a tan. We’ve all been waiting for this moment. The weather is getting better, which means way more possibilities for fun outdoor activities. Think about skating with friends, sitting on a terrace drinking cocktails. What about organizing a picnic with friends in a park? Maybe you already saw this trend on your ‘for you’ page on Tiktok. You can create a nice cheese platter and enjoy it in the sun together! Here are some great tips to create the famous Tiktok-cheese platter!

What's on it?

First of all, the ingredients. What do you need to create a cheese platter? This is quite easy, you can honestly buy anything you like. Think about toppings, such as cheese, ham, pesto spread, garlic butter and aioli. Just pick what you like! Also, make sure you have bread or crackers to put the toppings on. Combining sweet and salty foods is a great idea. You can pick your favorite fruit, such as raspberry, strawberry and watermelon. To top it off, choose some snacks for on the side, such as olives, nuts and chips. Don't forget to bring something to drink as well. On a sunny day you'll probably get thirsty. Wine will go great with this cheese platter! A wine I recommend is; Waterval-Chardonnay, it's a dry wine, which is a great combination with a cheeseboard. One bottle costs €4,99.

How to serve it?

After you picked out all the ingredients, it is time to serve! When you’re picnicking in a park, don’t forget to bring knives and little spoons to serve the food with. Take all the ingredients with you, lay down a blanket and get your private party started! First of all, take a big wooden tray, this is what you use to put all the food on. You want to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Right now it’s just a matter of puzzling, try to see which combinations look good together, use different bright colors to make it look beautiful. After you’ve put everything on the tray, you can add flowers to make it even prettier. When you’re done, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!

So, if you can’t wait for the sun to shine again, want to do a fun and creative outdoor activity, make your own cheese platter and enjoy it in the park! If you want more inspiration for nice food combinations, you can search ‘cheese board’ on Tiktok!