Hi book lovers! (or non-book lovers, in which case I am happy to welcome you into the wondrous world of books)

If you’ve seen the Netflix Original movie ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ you probably already have your own image of the blossoming romance between the charming Peter Kavinsky and the shy Lara Jean. The story in the first book is quite similar, but the other two books in the trilogy offer new events that we haven’t seen in the movie yet.

The books follow a girl called Lara Jean, a homebody who loves baking and spending time with her family. She lives with her two sisters and her father, and the dynamic between them is very endearing. However, this is not the main focus of the books. In the first book, ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’, the main focus is on the letters. Lara Jean has written a letter to every boy she’s ever loved, in order to get over her feelings for them, but she never sent out the letters. However, one day she finds out that the letters are gone. They have been sent out to all the boys she’s ever loved, and now she has to deal with the consequences. One of these boys happens to be her older sisters’ ex-boyfriend, who is also her neighbour. During one of her attempts to avoid him, she finds herself in the arms of Peter Kavinsky. In the second book, ‘P.S. I Still Love You’, the author delves into the heartbreak in relationships. This book is not as light-hearted and optimistic as the first instalment, but it is still not a very heavy read. It introduces a love triangle, and both boys pull you in with their charms, but Lara Jean can only go for one in the end. The third book, ‘Always and Forever’, is the last book of this series. In this book, Lara Jean and Peter are in their senior year. They think they are going to college close to each other, but Lara Jean gets accepted to an out-of-state college. Now they must decide what they are going to do. Will they break up? Will they stay together?

As you might have concluded yourself, these books are not a difficult read. This means that they don’t require a lot of attention, which makes this trilogy ideal for anyone who is looking for a light, joyful story. I myself read these while on vacation, lying by the pool. Even though I’m usually someone who reads books that are considered more ‘difficult’ than these, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this trilogy. These books can be read in a day each, so if you’re going on a two-week vacation, make sure to pack some other books as well.

I won’t tell you more, you’ll just have to read the books to find out.