If you’re looking to escape from a routine, it might be the perfect time to find a new hobby! Picking up a new instrument may be an obvious idea, but perhaps, the guitar and piano don’t seem that interesting to you. Looking for something special and quick? Let me introduce you to some very easy-to-learn, yet unique instruments that will surely spark your interest!

Tongue drum – the sound of spirituality

When it comes to meditation, self-healing and inspiration, the beautifully harmonized notes of the Tongue drum are clearly the best fit. The Tongue drum, also known as the little (and way cheaper) sister of the Handpan, is a UFO-shaped metal or wooden instrument which uses cuts in the steel in order to create notes. Although not a drum by definition, the Tongue drum falls under the category of percussion instruments. It can be played with bare hands, with sticks or mallets, giving the player a wide range of opportunities to explore this, apparently, simplistic musical tool. Unlike a piano or a violin, a Tongue drum usually has eight or nine notes. According to your preferences, you might opt for a smaller-scale instrument, which will have fewer notes, and will require mallets in order to easily play it.

What to know about this instrument? It is failproof. Tongue drums are toned to a diatonic scale, which means that every note you play will go well together with the one played before or afterwards. That’s why this is a great instrument for those who seek quick results! You do not need any prior musical experience in order to create a successful first play. Most Tongue drums are purchased online, and their prices range from 50$ for a quality instrument. Know that you can find great alternatives even on Amazon!

YouTube is a great place to learn more about the craftsmanship of the Tongue drum. And, if you wish to take it a step further, there are also paid workshops that unveil more tactics and musical theory knowledge.

Kosmosky is a YouTube page dedicated for Tongue Drum lovers. They offer a 7-videos tutorial that should encourage you to get started with your new musical journey!

Ukulele – strong essences are kept in small bottles

Rising in popularity after Israel Kamakawiwo’s famous song “Over the Rainbow” launched, the Ukulele struck a big success around music fans in search of an easy instrument to pick up. By some, called “the small guitar”, because of its resemblance to the fretted instrument, the Ukulele has only four nylon strings and is played similarly to the guitar. The instrument is usually associated with Hawaiian music, but that doesn’t mean it’s only limited to that! I challenge you to search your favorite song on the internet, and you will most probably find some Ukulele tabs for it. Tabs are an easy type of music sheet that instructs you on how to play. Their size makes them perfect for travelling or taking them on-the-go, so you can effortlessly become the star of every party you go to!

Ukulele are famous for being very easy to learn and, as a self-taught player myself, I can testify that the rumors are true. This makes the Ukulele a great instrument for those who seek results fast, as a couple of days are enough to learn playing your first song.

If you decide to start your own journey with this fun-sized instrument, YouTube welcomes you with thousands of tutorials for beginners and more experienced players alike. You can also check websites that offer instructions – I found them very easy to follow! Know that Ukuleles are widely available for purchase, and you should expect to spend around 50$ to 150$ on a qualitative one.

Bernadette Teaches Music is a great channel that offers weekly ukulele lessons, crafted with beginners in mind!


Harmonica – or you can call it the “Miss Popularity” of instruments

The Harmonica, also known as the “Blues harp”, is a small rectangular wind instrument that you have probably stumbled upon at least once in your life. Harmonicas require musicians to breathe into and out of one or multiple holes along a mouthpiece, in order to create sounds. Quite easy, isn’t it? The great thing about Harmonicas is that their notes are already “in key” – that means it’s very unlikely that you will sound bad! Their size makes Harmonicas one of the greatest instruments in terms of portability, and with their average weight of only 85 grams, they can easily fit in your pocket. Harmonicas are easy to learn and play, and their compatibility with many music genres makes them ideal for a great audience of music enthusiasts.

Fun fact: Harmonicas are the #1 best-selling instruments worldwide, with over 3 million Harmonicas sold each year!

A great beginner harmonica, but of good quality, ranges from 35$ to 90$. Some of them are mostly used to play Blues, Country and Folk, while others are specialized for Jazz or Classical music – the choice is yours! They do not require any additional accessories and are easy to maintain, making them a perfect one-time purchase. You probably already know how it goes… YouTube is the best friend of those who want to learn more about playing this practical instrument!

Learntheharmonica offers free harmonica lesson every week, covering technical aspects as well as theoretical ones!