The never-ending discussion is going to stop right here. Are cats or dogs better pets? Are cat people only old single ladies who live with 7 cats in a small apartment? Or are dog people just way too energetic? We, the third-year publishing department at BUas, have collectively agreed on being cat people, but what does that say about us?

Cat people

You might have a cat at home, or just love the thought of such an independent pet who does not insist on walking in the rain 3 times a day. Research and surveys concluded that the personality of cat people might look like the furry animal itself. They are seen as independent and introverted. They also do not like to follow rules as closely as others might do. They are seen as sensitive, but also open-minded, creative, and adventurous. After reading these traits, you might think you are a cat yourself. But if you do not tend to sit in cardboard boxes, I think you are fine.

Dog people

Now let’s look at the other side, the side of the energetic and outgoing dogs. According to research these people are seen as extroverts and obedient. They like to have traditional values and can handle rules a bit better than cat people. They are also seen as more friendly and easy-going. Because just like animals, dogs can tolerate cats, but cats might have a harder time tolerating dogs. And just like their pets, dog people love companionship. So, if you like taking long walks in the forest, this is the right pet for you.

Overall, you could say that people really do look like their pets, inside and out. Research showed that it is easy to match people with their dogs just by looking at photos of the two. This might be because of the so-called ‘mere exposure effect’. This means that people create a preference for things that are familiar to them. So, you might have unintentionally chosen your dog because it looks like you.

Another “pet-fact” is that people are seen as more attractive when they have pets. This is due to people finding it attractive when someone is seen to be empathic and caring to their pets.

But what if you love cats and dogs equally as much? Do you have to defend yourself from both sides when this topic comes up? I do not think that’s necessary. Both animals have great traits, so why choose when you can have both? Enjoy them all while they are around!