The Crown” is a Netflix TV drama revolving around the political and romantic conflicts connected to Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family at its whole that shaped the second half of the 20th century. Season 4 showcases a story involving abundance, wealth, popularity, world-wide attention, drama, love (or the absence of), politics, royals, depression, infidelity, beauty in the face of Princess Diana herself, alongside many more engaging elements. Sounds spicy right? Let me share my opinion on the series and give you some food for thought.

From my perspective, the TV series leaves out many important factors, making it a bit shallow when it comes to the parts about Diana, which was what the viewers were most excited about in the first place. This is not just history it is more than that. A whole nation was observing the Princess, inspecting her maniacally and aggressively. There has to be a reason why. Imagine the impact it had back in the days if it is story compelling enough to be told over and over from different perspectives, in different genres, still keeping people so intrigued by it. At least I know I am.

In the documentary “The Story of Diana” on Netflix there is a ton of background information about the princess and the royal family in general which made me think that in “The Crown” they left crucial points out. In the meantime, I get that the purposes of a documentary and a TV drama are completely different, but in this case, many people who were expecting the 4th season were only excited about it because of Diana herself. The other factor that caused my frustration around the 4th season is the fact that this time they didn’t keep the flow from one episode to another. Instead, they chose to keep every episode a separate story with years apart. This gets the viewer a bit lost and not that engaged.

I know I sound like I only have negative things to say about the series but that is definitely not the case. I actually had only positive thoughts about the whole experience until I got encouraged to get myself informed about Princess Diana since the information about her in the series was obviously not enough.

In conclusion, I deeply recommend watching “The Crown” for obvious reasons, including the absolutely stunning high budget production design, high-quality filming, scriptwriting and directing. But I needed to get my “anger” out about how little content they gave us including the character which was always the most interesting for the whole British nation and the rest of the world when the events took place.