Everyone is talking about it. Originating from a 1992 science fiction book, the term “metaverse” gained popularity once Facebook declared their commitment to bringing the metaverse to life, consequently rebranding the company as Meta. Still being built, the metaverse doesn’t have an exact definition. Many describe it as an improved version of the real world, moved online. 

What we do know is that the metaverse provides an immersive experience based on modern technologies, tightly integrating the virtual world into the reality. The 3D environment promises to enable people to work, meet friends and explore the world’s most famous tourist attractions, much as like you would in real life! 

Are you curious about the implications of the metaverse on your field of study? Then keep on reading!

Leisure & Events

Leisure & Events is all about giving people an experience that enriches their lives. The digital world of the Metaverse presents Leisure & Events specialists with a new practice environment, which is the start of a new events era.  Famous artists, such as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, have already hopped on the digital trend and offered millions of users immersive music shows they could attend in the comfort of their own home. With no physical boundaries defining the metaverse, concerts and meetings can all happen in an online universe, going beyond the limits we know today. Be the next Leisure & Events innovator!

Facility Management

Facility managers ensure that the people within a company can work together effectively and efficiently, while being as happy as possible! As working places are forecasted to move into the digital realm of the metaverse, facility management specialists will enrich their expertise and create inspiring virtual work environments. How do we make the metaverse a social space? What is the key to successful team work regardless of physical boundaries? Be the first to find out!

Built Environment

Future Built Environment professionals are essential to bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds. With an entirely new virtual environment waiting to be “built”, professionals should start strengthening their digital skills and adopt new perspectives on the topics of sustainability, spatial development and mobility. As our lives will steadily move into the metaverse, with 1 billion users expected by 2031, sustainable and innovative solutions for spatial and societal challenges will be needed. Start building your virtual knowledge base today!

Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

The Metaverse cannot not be shaped without the help of AI Specialists! With its potential to process huge volumes of data at lightning speed, AI is the algorithm that dictates our future. Robot chat boxes we use today will soon be replaced by conversations with digital human-like assistants. Teaching computers how to understand human speech will become of utmost importance, so AI students can expect to apply their knowledge on language processing projects. With great power come great risks, so the metaverse also raises important moral challenges, such as the ethical training of AI. Privacy violations, social manipulations and weapon automatization are some of the dangerous prognoses for AI. Do you already have some ideas of how to combat them? 

Games Technology

With vast knowledge in 3D visual arts, high-end video game development, animation and programming, future Games professionals will have the opportunity to apply their skills in accurately creating metaverse avatars. In this virtual environment, users are of central importance and the accuracy of their avatars is key to determining the quality of their experience. Let’s not forget about the great potential that the metaverse has for improving video game playing! Technologies such as VR and AR will flourish in the metaverse and audiences will soon be able to play with their friends in new immersive realms! Can you already envision the future?

Tourism Management 

The adventurous world of tourism, recreation and hospitality is yet to welcome a virtual factor into its arms! Tourism specialists already know the importance of constantly responding to challenges in travel behaviour, and the metaverse is sure to change the ways in which we organize our holidays. With new immersive experiences that can transport you anywhere in the world with the help of a simple VR headset, tourism students will soon learn to reshape travel concepts as we know them today. Are you ready for this challenge?


The metaverse is soon to start a revolutionary era of readiness. Put on a VR headset, go virtual-shopping, and your order will be at your doorstep in seconds! Logistics professionals must exercise their planning and organizing skills in order to satisfy upcoming needs regarding production, transport and warehouse processes. Flows of goods, information and people need to adapt to the virtual environment of the metaverse, and innovative ideas are key to maintaining an optimal balance between the physical and digital realm.  How will you integrate logistics into the metaverse?

Creative Business

The future development of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technologies is certain to enrich the entertainment industry. It’s only a matter of time until physical cinemas will be replaced by virtual ones, and media specialists need to innovate cinematic experiences in order to meet consumers’ needs of immersion and readiness. NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital media products that, once purchased, offer buyers ownership rights. A popular topic among Creative Business students, NFT’s are the bricks building the metaverse. Much as like you would buy a painting in the real world, you will be able to buy a digital painting NFT in the metaverse! How does media look like in the metaverse to you?

Hotel Management

Hotel Management professionals are constantly researching the best ways to turn hotel stays into unforgettable experiences. Following an ongoing digitization movement, specialists should not overlook the influence of the metaverse on the hotel industry. Integrating augmented reality experiences into a guest’s stay and offering them the possibility to explore your hotel rooms via immersive 3D tours are great opportunities posed by the metaverse. Start shaping the best hotel experiences now!

We have learned today about some opportunities that the digital world of the metaverse poses. While not a lot is being currently known about the metaverse, professionals all around the globe start integrating the online environment into their strategies. Future awaits!