Some people consider me to be very dramatic. Some people tell me that my choice of words is very extra. And most often I disagree. But this word I do always use in the most dramatic of ways.

Hello and welcome to Word of the Week! Here, I inform you about a word that I believe is not used enough and how you can use it in a sentence.

The word of this week is:


Draped: ‘To drape’ is a verb. I drape, he drapes, they drape, I draped. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, it means: “To put something, for example, cloth or a piece of clothing, loosely over something.”

Example sentences:

- When I come home exhausted, I drape myself dramatically over the couch to get my girlfriend's attention.

- The dress draped around her beautifully.

- The tablecloth was draped over the table.