Sometimes I am caught off guard or at a loss for words. I am surprised, or bewildered. But sometimes these words are not enough. Sometimes I just need a better word!

Hello and welcome to Word of the Week! Here I inform you about a word that I believe is not used enough and how you can use it in a sentence.

The word of this week is


Flabbergasted Flabbergasted is a noun. It means: to be surprised, or to be taken off guard. Or, according to Cambridge dictionary: “feeling shocked, usually because of something you were not expecting."

Example sentences:

When I tripped in the bus, I looked around from the ground, flabbergasted about what happened, and feeling severely awkward!

When the girl arrived home, she was flabbergasted to find all her stuff had been stolen.

After the girl kissed him, she left the guy at her door, completely flabbergasted.