February 11, 2021

BESTtraining Imposter Syndrome 'Overcoming self doubt and the fear of not being good enough

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Imposter Syndrome; “overcoming self-doubt and the fear of not being good enough”

Have you ever felt like everyone around you is succeeding better in life than you are? Even though people compliment you on your achievements, you feel like you are not good enough? Do you experience difficulties internalising your own successes?

These feelings are known as ‘imposter syndrome’ – it is the idea that you only succeed due to luck, not because of your own efforts and qualifications.

During this training course we will help you to deal with imposter syndrome. In a total of 4 sessions, you will:

1. Learn more about what the imposter syndrome is and to what extent you recognise yourself in this syndrome

2. Acknowledge and recognise irrational thoughts you have about yourself

3. Challenge your irrational beliefs that you discovered

4. Develop new positive beliefs about yourself and create new habits. 

 During and in-between training sessions you will practice with gratefulness, recognising activating events and intention setting. It is time for you to nourish your self-worth, confidence and internalise and accept the successes that you achieve and realise that you are good enough!

More information and registration via student portal, BESTtraining tile

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