March 2, 2021

Life of a BUas Bulgarian Student during the Pandemic

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2117 km away, but still emotionally in Breda. This video provides an impression of the current life of a Bulgarian BUas Media student who cannot go back to the Netherlands yet because of the Covid-19 pandemic . This is how one student handles online education all the way from sunny Sofia in Bulgaria by eating cheap fruits from the market and watching online lectures. The Woman’s market in Sofia is amazing you can buy all kinds of fruits and veggies for less than 2 euros. A perfect solution for broke students . It is not a secret that there is a majority of Bulgarians studying at BUAS. We miss BUas and we look forward to going back to a safe environment to see our friends and study together in-person again! Video produced by Hristiyana Kancheva, Sofia Nikolaeva and Nikolay Zarev, Third Year Creative Business students under Production House AV Company.

© Breda University of Applied Sciences
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