March 5, 2021

S01E05: Being a painter in world coloured by emotions

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It’s the lie that we all get in school: how well you do in life is dependent on how smart you are, how intellectual you are and how high your IQ is. Though, your IQ is not going to tell whether you’re going to merge as a team leader, or how good of a parent or spouse you’re going to be. One of the key secrets of success is emotional intelligence: being able to manage yourself and your relationships. Within this episode, organizational psychologist Keri Pekaar joins Hugo and Yoy to talk about the role of emotions in daily life. Keri is a researcher working at the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) and she wrote her dissertation on self- and other-focused emotional intelligence. They talk about what emotions exactly are, what emotional intelligence is and how it can be applied in private and professional life, to be quiet sometimes to reflect on your emotions and how organisational change can be managed more effectively by focussing on emotions more. Also, they discuss what the dark side of emotional intelligence is, what the similarities are between kitesurfing and emotional intelligence and whether the Dutch prime minister is highly emotional intelligent.

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