Everybody needs self-love. Why, you might ask? Because if you don’t, you get stuck in this endless cycle of seeking something outside of yourself. You’re dependent on other people and things. While love from others is of course also very important, at the end of the day you are the only person you need to spend the rest of your life with. You are the only person who will always be there for you.  

So, let’s take good care of ourselves. What if you would take care of yourself just like you take care of your loved ones? Whether this is a partner, a family member or a  friend. I gladly give you some suggestions to help you speak the language of self-love. 

Things that make your body feel good or focus on your physical wellbeing. 

  • Indulge yourself and really take the time to enjoy your skincare.
  • Take a relaxing bath.  
  • Give yourself a massage or book one at a proffesional salon. 
  • Crawl under a nice warm blanket. 
  • Move your body: get active with yoga, play tennis, try some weightlifting or take a walk in the fresh air.  

Do or arrange things for yourself that make you feel good. 

  • Clean your space. This will also help you to clear your mind immediately. 
  • Make a schedule for your day or week. 
  • Make a to-do list of things you need to do to create a clear overview.  
  • Cook a nourishing meal for yourself or meal prep. 
  • Therapy is also something you do for yourself.  

Treat yourself by purchasing things that make you happy. 

  • Book a trip. Maybe a solo one 😉  
  • Buy concert tickets to see your favorite artist. 
  • Treat yourself to your favorite drink or meal you are craving once in a while. 
  • Buy hobby-supplies. New painting brushes, a videogame, a book or plectrums. Anything that makes you happy. 
  • Gift yourself some flowers.

Spend time alone doing things you love. 

  • Meditate and do breathing exercises. 
  • Practice your hobby. 
  • Spend some time doing something creative. Write, draw, make some music! 
  • Date yourself! Go out for lunch all by yourself, watch a movie in the cinema or visit the theatre. 
  • Take some time off and just relax and watch a good movie/series. 

Give yourself pep talks and encouraging yourself. 

  • Get yourself a gratitude journal to boost your number of happy moments daily. 
  • Write positive notes to yourself and stick them around your place. 
  • Write down your affirmations every morning. They will help you to feel good about yourself. 
  • Practice positive self-talk in the mirror. 
  • Try a mantra! 


I hope at least one of these things got you inspired, and you will take a moment this week to look after yourself. Keep slaying <3