North Korea is known for its totalitarian regime and its way of life for the people there that seems like they are in another world. It has been ruled by the strict Kim family ever since the Soviet Union took control of the northern part of Korea in 1948. The government there has very unusual laws that we might find shocking, but are considered “normal” for the North Koreans. Let's take a look at them and be happy we don’t live there.

Almost like a cult

Everyone must idolize their leader, if they disrespect the Kim family, it will be considered blasphemy and can be met by severe punishment. When talking about their leader, they must use an honoring adjective, such as “dear Kim” or supreme Kim”.

Barely any cars

The only people who are allowed to drive are male government officials. Because of this restriction, there are probably only 1 in every 100 people who own a car. Women aren’t allowed to drive, even if they are traffic officers.

No fun

Since North Korean President Kim Il-Sung died on June 8th, 1994, that date has become a national day of mourning. Because of this, it is prohibited to drink alcohol, and people aren’t even allowed to smile or talk loudly. Since dancing is considered to represent joy, this isn’t allowed either. Anyone who disrespects these rules can be severely punished, imprisoned or even killed. Luckily for the North Korean people though, these rules only apply one day a year.


Though North Korea holds elections to choose who the new ruler of the country will be, it doesn’t mean there is any form of democracy. There is usually only one candidate, and if there is another, it is an actor hired to lose on purpose.


After reading the previous rules you must think that this would be highly illegal, when in reality it is actually the opposite. Surprisingly, there is no law that punishes the trade or consumption of this drug.


North Korea is the only country where internet access is strictly forbidden. Only some professions are allowed to access websites, but even this is done under government supervision.

No freedom of haircuts or profession

Ever since 2013, Kim Jong-un introduced a list of haircuts that would be allowed in the country. This is not the only thing that the government decides for you. You are not allowed to choose your own career, the government will pick it for you. This is based on what the country needs, not you.

Priorities in fires

If a fire breaks out, the first thing citizens have to do is save all the pictures of their political leaders, after they have done this they are allowed to worry about their own lives or belongings.

These are some of the strictest and (for us) strangest laws North Korea has, though they definitely have more. Reading all these sure makes you grateful to not be born over there.