Are you looking for inspiration on what to eat? Do you want to try out some new recipes or eat more plant-based? In this article I’ll give you a full day of recipes (with some extra options), so you don’t have to think hard about what to make! This meal plan is also gluten-free friendly, some recipes just need an ingredient swap or omission.


For a quick but filling breakfast oatmeal is a great option. I prefer it with apple and cinnamon but there are many other options. The best way to make oatmeal is to slowly cook it on a low heat in a pan, constantly stirring. However, if you are in a pinch or feeling lazy, you can also just put everything in a bowl, mix it well, and put it in the microwave!

- ½ (ca. 80g) cup oatmeal (if gluten free: make sure to get gluten free oats)
- 1 (small) apple
- 1 teaspoon cinnamon
- 1 cup (235 ml) plant-based milk or water (add more depending on your desired consistency, if gluten-free: make sure to check the packaging)
- Optional: small scoop of protein powder, ½ teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon chia and flax seeds

If you don’t like oatmeal, some cereal with a plant-based milk or yogurt is also a great option! If you’re looking for more savory breakfast options I recommend a breakfast hash or scrambled tofu. Of course, you can also just eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich 😉


For lunch I usually love having salads/wraps, they are quick and easy yet still delicious. You can make the following salad into a wrap as well. To create the salad just chop all the vegetables into cubes, rinse and strain the chickpeas, and prepare the falafel in a pan. Throw it all together in a bowl, add finely chopped cilantro (or mint is also nice) and the salt and pepper, and mix everything well.

- 1 cucumber
- 2 tomatoes
- ½ red onion
- 1 can of chickpeas (you can also lentils if you don’t like chickpeas)
- Cilantro to taste (you can also try fresh mint)
- Salt and pepper to taste (optional: cumin or chili powder)
- Optional: falafel (omit if gluten-free)
- Optional: wrap (if gluten-free get a gluten-free version)

The salad/wrap is best with condiments of course! Great options are hummus or muhammara (or both), you can buy these pre-made at the supermarket. I also love eating it the salad/wrap with a spicy mayo (dressing). For this just mix equal parts of vegan mayonnaise (I prefer Hellmann’s) and sriracha, if you want more of a dressing consistency add some lemon juice/water until you reach your desired consistency.


A good sweet and savory snack is stuffed dates. Cut open the desired amount of dates (usually 2/3 will suffice for a snack), remove the pit, and scoop in some peanut butter in the middle. Melt a few cubes of dark chocolate and dip the dates in there. At this point you can also sprinkle some coconut flakes onto your dates. Now freeze the chocolate covered dates for at least one hour. Once the chocolate has hardened you can enjoy your snack!

- Dates
- Dark chocolate
- Peanut butter
- Optional: shredded coconut

If you want something more savory you can eat some veggies (carrots, cucumber, bell pepper) with hummus or if you have more time these chocolate chip cookies are a favorite of mine.


For a quick dinner a wok dish is always a good option. For the volume of noodles or rice, check the packaging or decide based on what is a normal portion for you. This recipe will make 2-3 portions if you use the full package of the substitute and a regular size bag of mixed work vegetables. Wok is simple: cook the noodles according to package instructions and heat the oil in a stir fry/wok pan on high heat. Throw in the chicken substitute, once this has heated up you can add your vegetables. After your substitute and vegetables are well mixed you can add the wok sauce and noodles. Now mix and cook for another 2-3 minutes, and you’re done! If you’re using the optional ingredients, you want to add the ginger in with the vegetables and the green onion/cashews with the noodles.

- Wok noodles (for a gluten-free option or cheaper option you can also use cooked rice)
- 1-2 tablespoons of sesame oil
- Bag of mixed wok vegetables (if you’re trying to be more environmentally friendly, buy the veggies separately)
- Sweet and sour sauce (or any other wok sauce, check if it doesn’t have fish extract)
- 1 package vegan chicken substitute (you can also use chickpeas, edamame beans, or tofu)
- Optional: cashews, green onion and fresh chopped ginger to taste

Other easy filling favorites of mine & people I’ve cooked for are: shepherd’s pie and lentil soup.