Have you ever heard of SAD before? There's a big chance a lot of people around you, including yourself are experiencing this. SAD stands for ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a type of depression related to the change of seasons.  SAD is sometimes known as ‘winter depression’, because the symptoms are usually more apparent and more severe during the winter. Unfortunately for some people, winter comes back every year. Here are some useful tips to make this time the most wonderful time of the year! 

1. Gather all your cosy blankets from the attic or buy new ones

There is no better feeling than wrapping yourself up in a cosy blanket when it’s cold outside. Besides blankets, there are also those funny oversized hoodies. They feel really soft, plus you don’t have the struggle to take your blanket everywhere around the house. Primark has an assortment with a lot of cute hoodies, which are affordable. Imagine yourself lying on the couch, fully wrapped in a blanket while it’s raining, freezing and dark outside. Try appreciating being able to sit inside during bad weather. Isn’t that a great feeling? 

2. Treat yourself with your favourite winter hot drink

Besides cosy hoodie blankets, hot drinks can also make you feel warm. Hot chocolate with whipped cream, tea and all kinds of coffee. Think about your favourite drink of the season. Maybe it’s possible to order your favourite drink at a café while traveling. Those little things could instantly make you feel better about your day. A great place to visit during the cold winter months is Winterhaven at Haven 21 in Breda. This year's Winterhaven is from 14 October until 14 February.  To realize the feeling of coming home, they create several living rooms to give you a feeling of coming home. ‘Nothing is better than coming home in winter, playing games by the fire and drinking hot chocolate with rum.’  

3. Create a cosy feeling

Especially in the evenings it’s very easy to create a cosy feeling. If you’re making use of the tips mentioned above, you already have a cosy blanket wrapped around you and a hot drink in your hand. Another way to create a cosy feeling is lighting some fairy lights in your room. 

Or you could light some candles. Real ones or on battery. A lot of garden centres have a Christmas theme and sell a lot of lights and candles during winter. Decorate it however you want. Now, light some candles, put on your favourite movie or tv series and voila! The perfect cosy winter night.  

4. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing 

One of the most important things during winter is your outfit. You need to dress yourself warmly enough. Wear multiple layers of clothing, otherwise you’re definitely going to HATE winter. You need a coat that’s warm enough and waterproof. Finally, gather all your gloves, scarves and hats and you're winter ready! 

5. Face winter like a champ

There’s no better way to enjoy winter than ice skating, sledging or building a snowman. When it's cold enough in the Netherlands, there will be an ice rink at de Grote Markt in Breda. Surrender yourself and enjoy doing fun things outside with friends and family. Yes, those shoes will get wet, you will probably get a snowball thrown at you and you'll risk slipping, but these are precisely the things you should enjoy and laugh about afterwards. 

If you need any help, support or advice during the winter months, or at any time, BUas offers support whenever you need it. In the Student Well-being portal, you can make an appointment with a student counsellor, student psychologist, study coach/mentor or a confidential counsellor. It's never too late to talk about it. BUas also has a community page on the student portal, which tells you what events are taking place that you can visit.  

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