Written by Owen Metz

Right now, we are in the quarter finals and Villarreal just beat Bayern with 2 – 1 (click here for the highlights). What a game was that. Personally, I love the Champions League. For me, it is the perfect time to break a busy week and have the Tuesday and Wednesday night devoted to relax and watch great level sport with a snack. In combination with your football loving friends, this is the perfect recipe for a night full of enjoyment. Sounds good right? Let me explain you how to have an evening like this at its best!

Looking for the perfect game 

First, it is important to investigate which games are being played the evening you’re planning to watch. Until the semifinals, there are two games per evening. With both games going live at the same time, which one is best to choose?  To make this choice, there are some aspects to keep in mind.  
Every round in the Champions League, except from the final, has two legs (which can be seen as a home and an away game). With two games every round, the first match is important to investigate when you will be watching the second leg.  

I will give an example. In the round of 16 did Manchester City win with 0-5 in Lisbon. So, with a goal difference of 5, it was likely that Man City wouldn’t play the best football because they were already 99% proceeding to the next round. On the same evening, Real Madrid played against PSG. This game was totally perfect. In the first leg, PSG won 1-0 in Paris. So, Real Madrid had to at least score once for extra time. This didn’t go as planned in the beginning and PSG came 0-1 up. Therefore, 2-0 combined for PSG. At this point, the game became interesting; Real Madrid had to score twice for extra time and three times to win the game. Karim Benzema, striker of Real Madrid, stood up and scored three goals in 20 minutes time. Boom, lovely game and everybody talked about it. This is a great example of a Champions League game to watch! 


A good bite is very important while watching football with fellow students or roommates. Personally, I always prefer a proper bag of chips and a beer or soda. My advice would be Lay’s Sensations Sweet Chili for the chips. The beer can be everything you and your group of friends like. If some of your mates with enjoy candy, you should get some of these as well. I like Autodrop. Of course, other snacks which would be healthier are also allowed. However, I don’t know enough about that. 

Making it fun 

As students there is one thing which (almost) all of us likes: alcohol. Watching Champions League could also be combined with a nice drinking game. Every person playing must choose one player from the home team and one player from the away team. Every time one of the two players gets named by the commentator makes you take a sip. Whenever when the commentator says one of your players surname and last name, you take 3 sips. And when the commentator says the name of the keeper: everybody drinks. You can even make it more extreme with players scoring goals, getting yellow or red cards and other match specials. But this is totally up to you. Know your boundaries and getting too wasted is not my or BUAS’ fault. 🙂 

From now on you will be a professional in Champions League watching. Keep in mind how to look for the perfect game and don’t forget to pamper yourself with some lovely snacks. The combination with a drinking game can also be enjoyable, but only watching the game itself will still be a good night of fun. Don’t forget to give @buashub a tag in your stories while using these useful tips. Enjoy!