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1 month ago

How to watch Champions League with fellow students?

Written by Owen Metz Right now, we are in the quarter finals and Villarreal just beat Bayern with 2 – 1 (click here for the highlights). What a […]
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6 months ago

Getting to know the 2nd year Production House Departments at Creative Business

Wondering what Production House during the 2nd year looks like? If you’re a Creative Business student like myself, that is really important to you, since your whole year […]
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February 10, 2021

The Expedition Hub – Coming soon!

 In the TV Department of BUAS people are currently working hard on new video projects that will hit you eyeballs over the course of this new semester. The […]
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January 4, 2021

What was new: March Edition

Do you sometimes feel like there is so much happening in the Leisure and Entertainment world that it tends to be hard to catch on the new music […]
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June 4, 2020

Recipee "You just got served" episode 1

Fritz’s veggie burger Did the TV show on Fritz his veggie burgers look good to you? here we have a step by step recipe how to make them […]
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June 4, 2020

Recipe "You just got served" episode 1

Fritz’ veggie burger Hungry from watching Fritz Kohle making burgers? good news! here you have the full recipe to try it out at home. Ingredients for 2 burgers […]
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